Why Another Pregnancy Blog?

I am starting the posts on my experience in pregnancy today, at week 30, though I do plan to backtrack on some topics that I have journaled about offline. The truth is that I have found this pregnancy, my first, to be a really interesting cultural experience and I can’t help but share it with others because it’s been such a fascinating, eye-opening time in my life.

Over the past 30 weeks, I have been surprised to learn a good deal about the values, norms, and assumptions that our society has towards women, childbearing, and motherhood. I have been surprised by people that I have known for years, from acquaintances to friends, coworkers to family, random strangers and online commentary all seem to have remarkably contrasting presumptions about the identity of women during pregnancy.

big belly, little feet

Let me pause by saying that none of this is bad. None of the people that I discuss or experiences that I note are done with judgement, criticism, or malice. The stories I tell are notably only from my perspective and are thus limited by how I see the world, the truths and assumptions that I live off of, and the filter of a personal perspective (which is inherently flawed).

You can call this feed whatever you want, but I tend to caution away from labels such as feminism and gender identity which, in themselves, have connotations which we personally associate with other things – both positive and negative. I say this because I’m not trying to make a case for anything. I have no agenda other than sharing my experience and possibly stimulating self-reflection, conversation, or just personal interest. Feel free to comment, to contact me, or to share your experiences as you see fit. And enjoy!