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Inspiration Monday: Mid-Life Revival

I wanted to start this feed in part because I believe that we all have some say in how we approach each and every day, how we reflect and react to the challenges we face, and that we can choose how we treat one another. And while we all have bad days, starting off with a positive message can inspire each of us to think more positively and maybe even make the world a slightly better place to be.

Also, I could really use some motivation to get through this Monday morning… which is feeling particularly Monday-ish.

Inspiration Monday: Week 1: Mid-Life Revival

On a particularly muggy, hot day recently, I passed a 40-something overweight man on an evening jog. When I saw him running in my direction I was somewhat hypnotized by the sight of him. He moved awkwardly, but the look on his face was one of absolute determination. It was clear he was working incredibly hard. And the weather was not in his favor, as it was a so hot and muggy that a casual walk felt like a lot of work.

Seeing this man push himself past comfort, clearly trying to do something

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positive for a body he had ignored for a long time, really struck me. And any frustrations I had accumulated that day, any sense of discomfort I had from walking in the heat of a July evening, any dread I had for the evening’s commitments evaporated as he passed. So as the pressures of the work week start to build and you find yourself dreading the impending weight of your obligations, take a moment to consider this unlikely source of inspiration, for all the work he has done to repair his physical condition, and all the work he has ahead of him to reach his goals.