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Pregnancy Week 39: Home Stretch!

Week 39 | Julie's Pregnancy Story

My due date is one week from today and it’s really starting to hit me. Every day I go to work with a few small goals in mind, which generally includes finishing small pieces of a larger project.I refuse to start anything that I can’t complete that day and every day I finish my time card and send out summary emails to everyone I’m working with, just in case I go into labor that night.

It’s amazing how different work feels when each day is taken just one at a time. There is no yesterday or tomorrow, only the present. There is no pressure, no expectations, and I do what I can as best I can without pushing myself too hard towards anything. It’s wonderful! I only wish that it didn’t take nearly a decade of professional employment and 9 months of pregnancy to finally get there. (Note to future self: re-read this post!)

Week 39 | Julie's Pregnancy Story

I would say that the only downside to this point in pregnancy is that everyone treats me differently. No one wants to involve me in any large tasks (okay, fine, I don’t really mind) and every day I come in to “oh good, you’re here today!”

People also want to talk to me.

Like, all the time.

Like, constantly.

For instance, the other day I was at my desk, just minding my business and doing, like work. Which is what you’re supposed to do at work. And half dozen people, one after the other, came by to chat. For more than two hours. I kept trying to end the conversation, only for someone else to come by and drop in, as if they were doing some kind of interruption relay.

Honestly, I feel like, to some extent, I’m kind of a spectacle. A woman, nearly ready to deliver, who is happy, healthy, smiling, and more than willing to chat. I’m practically a zoo exhibit. You know, the kind of attraction that you just have to see every time you go to the zoo. “Oooh, honey! We have to go by the happy pregnant lady! This might be the last time we see one!”

I wish I was kidding. But it’s September, and the heat of the summer is still looming. And every time I pass a similarly pregnant woman, I smile. And you know what I get in return? Scowls. Unashamed, grouchy, full-on scowls.

My goodness, ladies. It’s not the end of times. It’s just a baby. And, if you’re that pregnant, be happy – it’s nearly over!

By the end of the day, the series of chatty-mc-chatters had put me farther behind on my projects than I was when the day started. And rather than trying to make up for it, I cut my losses and went home. No sense in overworking a pregnant lady.

See what I did there?

But today is different. I have reached the point in pregnancy (and in the month!) where all of our social commitments are finished (we went to our last wedding yesterday), all of my work is wrapping up, and everything in life is starting to fall into place. I am allowing my body to relax a little, knowing that this is really going to happen.. and soon!

With that in mind, I stayed late to finish the last of my work, send out a bunch of emails, and prepare for what is to come.In another couple of days the waiting will really start to settle in, I just hope that he doesn’t wait too long to come!

Side note: this was written just hours before I went into labor. Hours. SO WEIRD, right?! You can read baby Max’s birth story here.