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Giving Thanks

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. My love for it stems from years of tradition with my father’s side of the family, where every year brought the same meal with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. Nana loved the tradition of feeding family, bringing everyone together, and enjoying the simple pleasure of sharing seasonal foods, catching up on each other’s lives, and watching the kids grow. And as our other traditions faded, I came to appreciate the value in the certainty of this annual family event.

This morning during Max’s early AM feeding I got caught up on Cathy Zielske’s blog only to find a wonderful discovery..

Click the photo to jump to Cathy Zielske’s blog!

YES! What a wonderful way to give thanks this season. Rather than keeping all your “thanks” for one day, why not dedicate your month to appreciating the everyday things that you are so thankful for?

And while we are already halfway through the month, I have been silently thinking of all that I am grateful for. So, in the spirit of “never too late to start something new”, I’m starting my month of thanks program today.. and I’ll be posting my catch-up posts under the tag “30 Days of Thankful.”

So, give thanks this week, and thank Cathy Zielske for the inspiration to take the time this holiday season and reflect on all that we’re thankful for.