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Mid-Winter Flu Season Blog Break is Over!

we're over winter this yearOh my! I never would have imagined such a busy holiday season would be possible after the burdens of semester finals had passed, but this last month has had its share of moments – good, bad, and ugly – that we will not soon forget.  The flu (which has become an epidemic in my state, declared officially last week) ran its course on our family, starting with the baby in early December and ending with me more than a month later. Not even three days later, after my first three days back at work, I was sick again. And as of tonight, baby is working his way through the end of his latest cold.

To top it off, the flu has officially reached epidemic proportions in our area, leading to a state of emergency, and sending us all into a semi-concerned state of panic. You can see the concern on the face of strangers in the drug store, as entire families show up with the flu to get treated at the minute clinic, and on the face of grandmas that want (so badly!) to say hi to your baby, but recognize that I would likely tackle them before allowing them to share their foreign germs with my 4-mo old. It’s visibly distressing to all. And it’s only January.. we have months left to go!

I had heard rumors of this kind of constant state-of-illness family life before, but I never imagined it would happen to us, and certainly not with the intensity for which it has struck us! When I share our trials with other new moms, they are surprised by how much we have been through already. And while I’m never one to seek public pity (it’s not constructive, offers nothing to the reader), I have to take a moment to acknowledge that it is at least possible for cold and flu season to hit even the healthiest families with a level of sincerity generally reserved for the immuno-suppressed. So, for the time being, we are spending our spare time indoors, barring ourselves from parties and other large-group activities, and embracing all that can come from the silent stillness of winter in New England.

light snow falls in the city

light snow falls in the city

Lately, I have been looking forward to work as a much-needed break from my zombie baby (with the flu epidemic, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!), going to the grocery store has never been so exciting, and the few visitors that we do allow over have to pass a rigorous health exam before they’re invited in (several have been turned down!). Plans have been broken. Crochet projects are rapidly completed. And I can tell even the baby is bored. But it’s all for our own health. And before too long it will be summer again! (I know.. it’s still quite a ways away). For now, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on and I hope you’ll join me.. as I journey down a semi-isolated time of self-reflection and count the moments until flu season ends!

Happy New Year!