Home Renovation Series

Last August my husband and I bought our first home: a 110 year old converted two-family in a small town, Massachusetts. Just a short walk to a growing downtown center, farmers market, and duck pond, we are lucky to have wonderful neighbors, easy access to school, and there is a brand new park and sledding hill across the street.

The moment we opened the door to our first house

The moment we opened the door to our first house

The house, however, needs some love and attention. Years of cheap cover-ups have left us with layers upon layers of wall, drop ceilings (think: office), plastic finishings, and poorly made built-ins that don’t quite fit. Most of the rooms have weird layouts and lack function. The walls in the kitchen smell like years of cooked-on oily food. And the first floor apartment has just one bedroom, but three living rooms. And I haven’t even mentioned the electrical and plumbing work to be done.

In summary: each room is an excellent candidate for a floor to ceiling tear-down/rebuild.

The first month that we owned our home, we packed the three of us (me, husband, rambunctious 12-month almost toddler, and two dogs) into a single bedroom on the second floor apartment along with my mom, my sister, and her 5-yr-old son while we tore out and completely replaced three rooms on the first floor. It was hot, cramped, stressful, and incredibly challenging. But we survived! And our space is slowly transforming into a place that truly feels like home.

I can’t wait to share pictures of our before and afters. So follow along with me most Thursdays, as I look back and move forward, highlighting how much we have done and how much we still have to do!

Tearing down walls and ceilings

Tearing down walls and ceilings in August


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3 Responses to Home Renovation Series

  1. coyjr says:

    I can’t wait to see all the before and after pictures!

  2. Magen says:

    Wow! It sounds very exciting, I hope it turned out like you wanted it. Renovation can be tiresome, (I know from experience…) Anyway, If any body here needs some professinal help in the London area, I suggest contatcing Andrew@Home renovation. He has great vision and great hands…

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