Let there be light!

We have been going hard on renovations since we moved into our new home in August. A lot has changed! Our approach is to focus on one or two rooms – or projects – at a time. We spent the first month working on our bedrooms, which were total gut and replace projects, and the rest of the fall was spent updating the second floor apartment.

And all of that work has resulted in a comfortable second floor living space which was easy to rent, but left us in an ugly, dark downstairs apartment. So you can imagine my excitement when Chris installed a light fixture in our dining room.

Now, mind you, the space is still hideous. Really, no need to hold back! It’s ugly. Note the uneven rail on the wall, four different colors of green/grey on the walls, the bad layout, mismatched furniture, and the list goes on. Don’t worry, we have a plan. For now, I am literally jumping for joy every time I switch on the light.

dining room before added light fixture

dining room before added light fixture.. it looks far brighter than it actually was. thank you, photo magic.

We also updated the bulbs in the wall sconces, which is why it appears much brighter in the room than it actually has been.

The light fixture came from my mom’s house, which is also being renovated (well, mostly by my future brother-in-law). So there you go: new light, little to no cost, and topped off with some high efficiency compact CFLs that will last a long time and cost little to use.

dining room after, with added light fixture

dining room after, with added light fixture (and a chihuahua!)

Yay for lighted indoor spaces!