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Phone Photography Project!

Last year I took the Big Picture Classes Phone Photography Project and was immediately convinced of two things:

1. it was time to finally convert to an iPhone

2. your phone can do so much more than you thought.


Looking back on the photos I took at that time, I’m still impressed with myself.

Selection of Photos from Phone Photography Project 2013

Selection of Photos from Phone Photography Project 2013

And while I would love to take all of the credit, the truth is that the class – and the instructors – pushed me to think differently about how I capture the places and things I see every day.

This was especially meaningful last year, as we packed up our city life and moved to a small suburban town. It was bittersweet. And capturing those last moments – a summary of moments that reflect the years we spent in the city we grew to love – gave me the emotional time and space to say goodbye to adopted routines and favorite coffee shops with a gravity and finality. Of course, we still discuss moving back regularly…


When Big Picture Classes announced the second installment of the course – Phone Photography Project 2 – I was all in. The start date – July 17th – was a countdown on my calendar for weeks.

And now it is here.

And I’m SO excited!

If you are interested in this workshop (a workshop I can’t recommend enough!), there is still time to sign up here. Or, you can take the self-paced Phone Photography Project from 2013 here.

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Later this week I’ll chime in with my favorite phone apps for editing your phone photos.