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#100 Happy Days | Fall

#100HappyDays-10 Capture the Everyday Joy of your Summer Days with your iPhone
#100HappyDays is a free photo documentation project designed to inspire people to start noticing what makes them happy every day, be happier, be thankful, be optimistic, and all sorts of good stuff. If there is one thing that all this life documentation has taught me, it’s that the small, everyday moments – routines, habits, meals – are the things that make up who you are. When we acknowledge and celebrate those small moments, we’re celebrating ourselves. You can learn more about the project by visiting the website and sign up for free!

My #100HappyDays challenge ended last month. It was awesome. And I can’t wait to take the photos and turn them into an album we can view for years to come. But I just can’t get enough! So I decided to one more collage for the Fall.


#100 Happy Days

I’m enamored with nature lately. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather mixed in between crisp, sunny fall days and the sky has been a beautiful backdrop to the changing light. Naturally, I’m taking full advantage. WAY too many photos. But I refuse to stop. It’s just too perfect.

As if the colorful leaves and sunsets weren’t enough, our garden is still producing tomatoes, eggplant, greens, and roots. We’re riding bikes and making excuses to spend time outside. We’re apple picking. We’re attending birthdays. We’re eating healthy. We’re reflecting and growing. We’re moving and getting outdoors. And we’re spending a lot of time with friends. This may be the #bestfallyet!