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Project Life Creative Team 2015 – I’m on it!

EVERYONE! I am SO excited to announce that I am officially a member of the 2015 Project Life Creative Team. You can see my profile and meet the rest of the creative team at Imagine that!

I’m sure you’re thinking – that’s great news!!! But… what does that mean?

It means that I get access to a full suite of digital products on the Project Life App and, when I do that, I’m going to send them to Becky’s team. They’ll pick their favorites and share them on Becky’s blog. That’s it!

In terms of How I Sustain blog, not much will change – except that you’ll probably see more Project Life related posts or scrapbooking spreads. Because I’ll be doing more memory keeping projects. And because I like to share the things that I make. And because when I make things with the Project Life App I think they’re really pretty. And because you might think they’re pretty too.

Can you tell I’m excited?!

In celebration of this awesome opportunity, I want to share some of my favorite Project Life Projects from the last three years. But first, just a little bit about my perspective and approach to memory keeping.

My Personal Approach to Memory Keeping

I believe memory keeping is important. Not just for our kids or our families – but for us personally. You don’t need to have a young family to be important. You don’t need to be someone’s wife (or husband).  You don’t need to be a home owner, a crafter, or an artsy person. You don’t need to take phenomenal pictures or have a fancy camera. What you need is a very minimal investment of time and money and the interest in reflecting on the experiences and things that matter in your life right now.

That’s why I love Project Life. And that’s why I am so happy to be an ambassador to that brand as part of the 2015 Creative Team. And that’s why I share it all here on my blog.

In 2002 my father gave me my first SLR camera. I LOVED it. I loved taking photos, even when my subjects were squirrels that lived outside my apartment window. I loved the anticipation of developing the film and the excitement of seeing the results. I even took a photography class and made extra time to take photos every chance I could get.

Eventually the boxes of photos started to accumulate. I wanted to find a way to share those photos with my friends and family, but the craft store only carried ugly stickers, overly decorated papers in small, awkward albums. I wanted something simpler, something quicker, and something that didn’t take a lot of effort to put together. I wanted something pretty, but not overdone. I wanted Project Life.

Fast forward 10 years: a friend referred me to Project Life. I was immediately in love. The ease, the systematic approach, the beautiful sets of cards, and the different layout formats had me SO excited. I loved creating my first few albums and appreciated finally having them out of boxes and into an album. I also loved the idea of weekly documentation – something that people often do with the Project Life products.

Yet, I found myself dragging my feet to organize new photos, select them for printing, order them, and manage the cost of printing hundreds of photos per year. My husband grew concerned about the growing piles of products and sizable albums in our small shared storage spaces. And I began to feel pressure to buy Adobe Photoshop and convert to digital – even though I wasn’t fully convinced it was the best tool for me.

And that’s the exact internal conversation I was having with myself when the Project Life App was released.

With the app, I can create BEAUTIFUL albums in minutes, whenever I want, wherever I want. But it’s not just the accessibility of it – it’s really affordable too! Where the physical Project Life products saved me LOTS of time and LOTS of money, the app cut that down to a fraction of original investment. And now – with the app – I can focus on what really matters: documenting our stories, our images, and our everyday in just a few minutes – on my phone – whenever I want.

Here on How I Sustain I love to share stories and recommendations for things I think are sustainable – personally and economically – for each of us. The Project Life App is exactly that. And here is my work to prove it:

Created with Project Life App

click photo to see the full album

(click photo to see the full album)

Me: Abridged Version was a personal project I completed as part of Cathy Zielske’s class through Big Picture Classes.

30 days of thankful - 2014 album cover30 Days of Thankful is an annual project led by Cathy Zielske to document the things we’re most grateful for each and every day in November. This post introduces the 2014 project and you can find my 2013 and 2012 projects in their respective posts.

Yearly Albums

People often get confused about what Project Life is – it’s a memory keeping system (i.e. products) that you can use however you want. It includes everything you need to make a pretty, scrapbook-like photo album.

But a lot of people use “project life albums” (what I call a ‘yearly album’) as a way to document their lives every year. And they commonly do that in the form of weekly “spreads.” That means that for each week of the year, I have some collection of photos and words documented in a book. There are 52 weeks in the year, thus there are 52 “spreads” for each year – give or take, depending on how you want to do it.

It sounds like a lot – but because of the ease of the products, I can get an entire album assembled in just a few hours. And I’ll talk about my Project Life process more in 2015.

Right now I don’t have any of my Project 365 Albums photographed and posted (it’s a difficult time of year to take photos!), but I think Max’s baby album is a good example of what a yearly album would look like. I created it using the Baby Edition for Him.

project life baby album cover page

The cover page of Max’s baby album

Other Projects Made with Project Life Products

wedding guest book detail

wedding guest book detail

By far, one of the MOST popular posts I’ve ever shared on this blog was my Wedding Guest Book, completed using a Project Life mini album and cards I received at our wedding. All product links are located within this post.

I’ve also used the product line to create keepsake albums for friends from groups of friends, similar to a guest book. They’re fun for any kind of event – a going away party, a retirement party, a baby shower, etc. Each time I gave one of these albums it’s been very well received (no surprise, right?!).

So stay tuned as I continue to digitize, photograph, and post more of my work. You can find it all by clicking on the sidebar image entitled “Project Life”, which you can find on each blog post page.





  1. Jay Coy says

    Congrats, Julie! So happy and proud of you. SOOOO excited to see what’s to come. 🙂

  2. Congrats, Julie! So happy for and proud of you! SOO excited to see you in your element and what’s to come 🙂

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