Friday Photo + Words: The Best Plans are Sometimes the Ones You Didn’t Make

happy noon year

Every Friday I share a photo and a story. A lighter touch. An easier read for the end of the week. Friday Photo + Words is my best way to end the work week.

This week I wanted to highlight our little “happy noon-year” celebration on New Years Eve: a last-minute plan that ended up being our favorite memory from the week.

On New Years Eve Cal, Max, and I headed out for a typical school-vacation day adventure. This adventure was to a familiar place, a place close to home, and a place I knew we cold enjoy: the  Children’s Science Museum, just 10 minutes from our house. When the plan was made that morning, we quickly fell into routine. I packed the bag while the boys ate breakfast. They quickly got dressed, brushed their teeth, and took their seats in the car (we have a game every morning to see who will “win”. there is no prize, though I’m not sure they’ve figured that out). Just ten minutes later, we abandoned our jackets in the car and made quick work of getting inside.

It was a marvelous hour.

They explored three floors of exhibits, paying special attention to anything that could be moved, thrown, or stuck on something else. They loved the fluids area where they learned about “tornadoes” in air and water. They played with magnets. And they sound-mixed to their hearts content in the sound studio (my personal favorite).

But things don’t always go as planned. And that is never more true then when you’re adventuring with two kids.

By 11am, Max was ready to go. If there is one thing I have learned in my time as a parent, it’s that the BEST survival strategy is to plan like crazy and expect those plans to not work out. So we adjusted our expectations. And we changed our plans.

But Cal is was disappointed. And I could tell he was really bummed out about missing out on a party.

So I crafted a new plan.

One stop to the local doughnut shop and one stop to the local party store and we had everything we needed to host a full-on party at our house.

When 12:00 came, we counted down from 10. We played music and cheered and drank strawberry milk from clear plastic cups. We threw confetti and popped poppers. We used noise makers of all shapes and sizes. And we jumped and laughed and ate doughnuts and wore silly hats. All before lunch.

And it was magical.

Because sometimes the best plans are the ones you never meant to make.

Writing on the chalkboard tree in Max's room playing in the tornado at acton science museum playing in the tornado at acton science museum sound mixing at the acton science museum sound mixing at the acton science museum happy noon year

Happy New Year!