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Friday Photo & Words: Max + Daddy

chris and max - 2013

Every Friday I share a photo and a story. A lighter touch. An easier read for the end of the week. Friday Photo + Words is my best way to end the work week.

Yesterday’s post and the start of my #minimize project has taken over my life (in a really awesome way). So rather than a story today, here are some awesome pictures of Max and Chris, taken almost exactly two years ago.

As of this week, Chris and I have been together for NINE years. That’s a lot of years! And, in some ways, I feel like he has always been a part of my story. That’s just the way we fit together.

But if I were to have guessed all of those years ago what kind of husband and father he would be – even on my most optimistic day, I never would have guessed he would be so caring, attentive, and loving. Never. Honestly, never.

It’s wonderful to be surprised.

It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been smooth, and we have truly worked hard to get to where we are today. But I’ll say with a level of sincerity and gratitude, I am forever grateful to have these two guys in my life.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

chris and max - 2013 chris and max - 2013 chris and max - 2013 chris and max - 2013 chris and max - 2013


Happy Friday, everyone!