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A Little Creative Pin-spiration for your Monday

JulieGagen | Free Printables and Great Quotes for Memory Keepers Pinterest Board

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on blog development lately. You see, I really, really enjoy this space – both in terms of a creative release and in terms of the conversations it reflects and starts in my life – and I want to grow it. To make it into something – whatever that something may be. And what I’ve read time and time again is that Pinterest in one of the main social media vehicles to make that happen.

So I’ve been “working” on my Pinterest.

Turns out, there’s more to that than you might think: creating and curating boards that reflect your taste and interest requires strategy, consistency, and attention. And you can see that the well curated boards. So, today, here are some boards of mine to follow and boards that I’m associated with and boards that I love.

Follow These Boards on Pinterest


JulieGagen | Photography Tips & Everday Photo Ideas Pinterest Board

It’s amazing how much we can do with a small, hand-held device. One of the questions I get asked often is about photography – how to take better photos as an average person with a nice camera or just an iPhone. In the memory keeping world we call this “every day photography”. And because I’m well engrained in the memory keeping world, I created a board of every day photography ideas some talented photographers.

Photography Tips & EveryDay Photo Ideas

JulieGagen | Free Printables and Great Quotes for Memory Keepers Pinterest Board

One of my oldest and most popular Pinterest boards is all about free stuff for memory keepers. Well, mostly free stuff and some great quotes which you can copy and insert into your memory keeping projects – or make DIY home decor out of. If that perks your interest, this is the board for you.

Free Printables & Great Quotes for Memory Keepers




JulieGagen | Memory Keeping Projects to Try Pinterest Board

If you are interested in memory keeping, but Project Life isn’t quite your thing, this board is a great source of inspiration for memory keeping projects – like mini albums and jounaling projects – that are short term and less involved than an annual documentation project.

Memory Keeping Projects to Try




JulieGagen | Project Life Layouts, Inspiration, and Tips Pinterest Board




Or, of course, you can check out my profile and all of my boards at:



Awesome Boards to Check Out

You know those boards that you come across and you just want to pin EVERYTHING? Here are a few of my favorites.

Allisa Jacobs | Make Something. A wonderful collection of crafts to try.

Miriam von Kleine | Mobile. If you like mobiles like I do, this is SO MUCH FUN!

Katherine A | Home Goodness. Lots of gorgeous home inspiration.

2015 Project Life Creative Team Pinterest Boards

The 2015 Project Life Creative Team is an awesome collection of talented memory keepers. Follow these boards to see all of our work, by layout and product types and to link to each of the boards and blogs by the 2015 Creative Team.

JulieGagen | Project Life 2015 Creative Team Inspiration Pinterest Board

Project Life 2015 Creative Team Inspiration

Project Life App Layouts

Project Life Physical Product Layouts

Project Life Digital Layouts



Happy Pinning everyone!




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