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Around here | How I Sustain Blog | March 6, 2015

I had a story to share this week, but this just felt right. Here’s what’s happening around here this week.

Around here.

Around here | we’re catching up on rest.

Around here | we’re eating whole foods.

Around here | we’re being patient with our needs.

Around here | we’re injecting spring into our spaces.

Around here | we’re smelling fresh lilacs.

Around here | I’m prepping my biggest feature post (on Sunday).

Around here | I’m drinking more water.

Around here | I’m listening to french pop on Pandora.

Around here | we’re finding balance between work and play.

Around here | I’m beginning a new creative project.

This week’s posting schedule has been a little off (sorry for the late posts). It’s for good things: meeting with my first “client” (in quotes because it was free consulting), following up on upcoming blogging gigs, and developing the setup for my first (of many) creative projects for the my Etsy shop launch. I have 30,000 ideas and not enough time to follow up on all of them. So this is the start. And it’s exciting.

If you’re waiting on this week’s Minimize post, that will be up later today.

Happy Friday!




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