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How to Use Collect Photo App for Awesome Memory Keeping Projects

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It’s no secret that I love memory keeping projects. Between the Project Life Creative Team, my personal Project Life albums, One Little Word, and my Self-Portrait Project, I spend a lot of time documenting life. And I do that because I get SO much out of it. And I talk about it because I think you could get a lot out of it too.

First things first: this is not a sponsored post. I don’t get any referral benefit if you decide to use this app. But I hope you do get it, because in my mind it’s what makes some of my less stellar photos look amazing.

There are a few tools that I use to organize myself. For daily documentation projects, like December Daily, 30 Days of Thankful, and my Self Portrait Project, I use the Collect Photo App.

Collect Photo App-Click to learn more

The Collect Photo App is a simple platform that stores your photos in a calendar, by project. For most of the year, I only use it for one project at a time. It saves on storage and, well, it’s a lot to take on more than one daily project at a time.

I update my Collect Photo App about twice a month with the latest pictures. I don’t have a set time to do it, so I keep this project for moments when I’m waiting for something, like the endless bedtimes we have lately with Max, or if I’m meeting a friend who’s running late, or when the boys are eating breakfast, or when I’m in a waiting room.

Self-Portrait Project in Collect Photo App

Self-Portrait Project: March



The app can identify the day that you took each photo, even if it’s an edited version of that photo. This makes it really easy to keep things on the correct days (though sometimes I do switch them around).

Collect Photo App | Steps to Export Photos

Once I have a few weeks of pictures ready, I export them. It’s easy to do, and there are a lot of formatting options. The export button is that square with the arrow pointing out of the top.

Collect Photo App | Steps to Export Photos

Once you select that, it brings you to a menu. Choose export.

From here, you’ll be able to select your start and end date, export style, and other specific layout options.

Collect Photo App | Steps to Export Photos

For Export Style, I choose a 4″x6″ portrait (vertical) photos. This gives me the look and feel that I like best for working with the Project Life App, but it’s worth playing around with the different settings and seeing how it looks in whatever final format you’ll be using. I tried a few different styles before I settled on this one. As you can see, there are a lot to choose from!

Collect Photo App | Steps to Export Photos

You’ll also notice that there are different card designs to choose from. I like to change this up depending on which project I’m using the photos for. For this project, I’m using the Noble card design. I like that it shows the date in large print, which works well for a YEAR LONG daily project, especially when my monthly spreads don’t directly correspond with months (I’m organizing it by 7-day week).

Once you select all of your options, go back to the Export menu, select Export, and select the destination for your photos.

Collect Photo App | Steps to Export Photos

I love that it offers Dropbox, since the Project Life App directly links with Dropbox as well. It gives you the chance to organize all of your photos in a way that works for you, and it makes them easily accessible from any device (either through desktop apps or the web). I don’t use Flickr, but I imagine that’s also another convenient option.

Collect Photo App | Steps to Export Photos

My photos all save to my Photos folder (on my iPhone) and they’re also saved to a Collect Photo App folder in Photos. I assume this is something the device does automatically. I assume they would save according to the date if I edited and finished them in order, but I’m too picky for that. My best work is done in revision. πŸ˜‰

So once the photos get to this step, it’s really whatever you want to do. I like to add them into the Project Life App (which is free TODAY – 3/17/15 – ONLY!). And, using the Project 52 Edition cards, I make these awesome spreads, monthly, for my Self-Portrait Project.

For examples of how I used Collect Photo App, check out these projects:

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I hope this post was helpful! Happy life documenting everyone!




How to use Collect Photo App and Project Life App to make beautiful memory keeping projects in just minutes | by Project Life Creative Team Member Julie Gagen