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Friday Photo & Words: The Kids Don’t Care about My Pinterest Party

The kids don't care about my Pinterest Party | How I Sustain blog

Every Friday I share a photo and a story. A lighter touch. An easier read for the end of the week. Friday Photo + Words is my best way to end the work week.

This week was special: it was St. Patrick’s Day. And, in our little corner of the world, that’s a big deal. So, like any good Pinterest-loving mom in the Boston area, I celebrated the holiday with a mix of carefully procured decorations, festive food, and a unique party display – all inspired by Pinterest. When the boys discovered the display, they proclaimed “this is wonderful! I love it! Thank you for the time you took to carefully craft a wonderful party for us on this important day” and they ate their naturally dyed spinach-colored pancakes with delight, admiring my clover-leaf decorations and the rainbow fruit display while joyfully joking about leprechauns, luck, and hidden gold.

Just kidding.

They hated it.

So here’s what actually happened: I prepped them all morning about St. Patrick’s day and how fun it is. They couldn’t have cared less. At one point, on my third try, Cal said “like leprechauns?” Sure, I said.

I didn’t actually have the time – or the inclination – to get on Pinterest and make some kind of craft (though, in retrospect, that’s probably all they would have cared about). I waited too late to make the pancakes, then proceeded to make two different batches, after I realized that there was NO WAY they would eat the spinach-colored ones that I randomly planned about 5 minutes before I started this ordeal.

When I made the second batch of pancakes, somewhat desperate to save face and make this massive waste of time “worth it”, I went against my instincts and added green food dye to some ready-made mix that I knew they would eat. It looked weird, I thought, but whatever – I’m going to make this ridiculous charade happen.

With two batches of pancakes made, we were running behind our usual morning routine. But, hey, I thought – it’s worth it if they have a good time. They didn’t. While I was making this massive effort of 18 different kinds of pancakes, they were swiftly deconstructing the living room until it looked like the ruins of what once resembled a home had been deconstructed into a wet (why and how did it get wet?!) pile of belongings in such disarray it was hard to make sense of it all.

After trudging through the wasteland, assembling them to the table, and promising a “special treat”, they took one look at the pancakes that they knew and loved, dyed green, and said:

“this is weird – can I have something else?”

So I poured cereal. They whined. They refused to eat any fruit. They missed the bus. And both of the boys complained that they wanted to paint and make crafts while I hustled to get them dressed and out the door before school started.

On the way to school they threw mud at each other and irritated the parents who were also hustling their (better behaved) children festively dressed in green (whoops, forgot that part) to the school entrance. I forgot the envelope to pay Cal’s after school program, which was already a month late, and it took a half hour to get Max back into the car, tears streaming while screaming and kicking the air, for all the horrified parents to see.

So, obviously, it was an awesome party.

And I totally can’t wait for the next unimportant holiday to do it all again. #justkidding #neveragain.

But aren’t the pictures pretty?!

The kids don't care about my Pinterest Party | How I Sustain blog

Green-dyed pancakes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

The kids don't care about my Pinterest Party | How I Sustain blog

Rainbow fruit display, a fun spin on the whole rainbow-leprechaun thing

The kids don't care about my Pinterest Party | How I Sustain blog

Quick shamrock decorations (make in less than 4 minutes!)

The kids don't care about my Pinterest Party | How I Sustain blog

Our St. Patrick’s day breakfast party – rainbow fruit and green pancakes!

Guys, I love Pinterest. I really do. I get so inspired by curating craft ideas, collecting home organizational tips, and saving recipes sure to impress (if I ever take the time to make them). But we all need that reminder every once in a while. The reminder that Pinterest is an idyllic world where we get inspired by really talented people who make beautiful things because it’s their job. And when we make a fuss over small moments like this, do it because you want to do it and follow it through only if that will bring you joy.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photo & words! Check back next week for another great story.