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A Free Collaborative Project to Get you Documenting: YOU #MySelfieScrapbook

My Selfie Scrapbook Intro Box

This post is part of the #MySelfieScrapbook collaborative project, co-sponsored by Jen Lake of Sunlight and Air Blog and four talented memory keeping product designers: Kellie Stamps, Record Life Blog, Color Cast Designs, and Polka Dot Creative. For more on this project, check out the initial post here, the list of suggested supplies, the first prompt, and the second prompt. Blog hops take place on Fridays here and on the other blogs through April. If you want to join in, tag your post #myselfiescrapbook photos on Instagram.

Remember that self portrait project I started at the beginning of the year? You know, the one that I share monthly on this blog?

Well, friends, it’s spring. And we’re all feeling very inspired.

So when I posted a progress photo on Instagram on Tuesday, my talented co-conspiring friend Jen Lake took one look at it and decided to make something awesome happen: a FREE collaborative project called My Selfie Scrapbook with some of my favorite product designers out there. It’s going to be beyond awesome.

On Documenting You(r Life)

There is learning to document life, and then there’s actually documenting your life. When we assemble all of the pieces together: our friends, our families, our kids, our pets, our partners, our favorite coffees, our most photogenic meals, our favorite moments, it’s easy to overlook one super obvious, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that person: YOU.It’s time to fix that.
Here’s the thing: taking photos of yourself, telling your story, it can be HARD. And it doesn’t come naturally to all of us. But it’s incredibly important. Because, at the end of the day, your photos ARE your memories. They are your moments. They’re a brief capture of your best – and your worst – all wrapped into one single 4×6 2-dimensional rectangle (or square). And they are the memories that our friends and our families have of us.When we choose to capture that moment, we’re choosing to say “this matters” and, consequently, “I matter”.And it’s true – you do matter.

The Concept

I talk about this A LOT in this space: it’s really, really important for you to document you. And you don’t need to wait for your best moment, or your most dressed up moment, or for a special event, or for a vacation to get in the picture.

You just need half a minute and an idea.

And, just maybe, a little extra nudge and the added incentive of a bunch of free products and the opportunity to be a part of this awesome creative community I’ve come to know and love.

The Project

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to document yourself along with us throughout the month of April. Each week we’ll offer a different prompt and a series of products and giveaways to help inspire you to create your own mini album.

We’re calling it #myselfiescrapbook and you’ll see us sharing our work using that hashtag throughout the month of April.

How to Participate

To join in, head on over to Sunlight and Air and comment on the introductory post. Make sure to include your blog link and your Instagram handle. And check back according to the schedule for more information and details on the project.

And make sure to follow this amazing team of designers and memory keepers on their blogs and Instagram handles.
Jen | Blog | @sunlightandair
Julie | Blog@julieloveg
Kellie | Blog | Shop | @giveaagirlablog
Mandy | Blog | @recordlifeblog
Jessica | Blog | Shop | @colorcastdesigns
Jodie | Blog | Shop | @polkadotcreative

The Schedule

Between now and May 15th, Sunlight and Air will share the prompts, downloadable files, and other course content. And check Instagram for daily inspiration to get you started on your documenting journey.

Friday April 3 | Suggested Supply List
Monday April 5 |  Week 1 with Julie
Friday April 10 | Blog Hop #1
Monday April 13 | Week 2 with Kellie
Wednesday April 15 | Mandie’s suggestions for doing this project digitally!
Friday April 17 | Blog Hop #2
Monday April 20 | Week 3 with Jessica
Friday April 24 | Blog Hop #3
Monday April 27 | Week 4 with Jodie
Friday May 1 | Blog Hop #4
Monday May 4 | My tips for completing your album
Friday May 15 | Project Wrap Up & Final Blog Hop!


I hope you’ll join us on this amazing collaborative project!






  1. So excited to be working on this with you, friend! You have such a beautiful soul & I love catching glimpses of it in your self portrait project.

    • Thank YOU, Jen! I’m super excited too. And I love that you took this idea and made it was it is in such a short time! You’re amazing. And this is awesome. 🙂

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