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15 Things About Me | Julie Love Gagen

15 Things About Me | Julie Love Gagen

Yesterday I was tagged in this Instagram post by Jen Lake of Sunlight and Air. I immediately had two conflicting reactions:

1. I LOVED reading her post and wanted to respond that very second.

2. I needed to write today’s blog post.

I have to say, that one of the things I pride myself on is finding connections between seemingly unconnected things. In this case, a need versus a want. What will I do?!


I know, it’s the answer you might expect from me. Still, let’s play along this Monday morning with a “15 things about me”. If you’re in, and if you play along on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag me!! This is an open “challenge” to play along. Please, take the invitation. 🙂

Julie Love Gagen | 15 Things About Me

Here are my 15 things.

(1) My middle name is “Love”. It’s my mother’s last name and I *love* it. 😉

(2) I’m currently obsessed with brush script. Obsessed.

(3) I’m a recovering engineer. In some ways, I miss it. In other ways, I’m happy to be on the other side.

(4) My most connected social media channel is Linked In.

(5) I’ve been to Kenya 3 times but I’ve never been to Europe.

(6) I have two favorite places on this earth: Nova Scotia, Canada and Rangeley, Maine.

(7) Running makes me feel alive.

(8) My father was one of the first people to get a lung transplant. He was one of the longest living patients ever.

(9) I miss him every single day.

(10) I believe the best we can hope for is to always learn and grow.

(11) I’m in love with my husband. More and more every single day.

(12) In an emergency, I’m cool and calm. When technology fails me, I’m a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

(13) I’m an inspiring speaker. Seriously, I’ve made people cry. In a good way.

(14) My mom and my sister are two of my best friends.

(15) In my ideal world, I wouldn’t need to sleep, and then I would have a chance to do all of the things I want to try, read, learn, attempt, explore, share, create, and see.


What are your 15?






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