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How I Thrive | Julie Love Gagen

This post is part of the #MySelfieScrapbook collaborative project, co-sponsored by Jen Lake of Sunlight and Air Blog and four talented memory keeping product designers: Kellie Stamps, Record Life Blog, Color Cast Designs, and Polka Dot Creative. For more on this project, check out the initial post here, the list of suggested supplies, and the first prompt. Blog hops take place on Fridays here and on the other blogs through May 15th. If you want to join in, tag your post #myselfiescrapbook photos on Instagram. You can find all of my posts here.

This week Jen challenged us to talk about how we thrive and share it across social media (#seehowithrive). I have SO much to say, it’s hard to know where to start. And usually when I’m not sure where to start with a project, I look in the most obvious places first. In this case, that means looking down at my hand and noticing two things: this beaded bracelet and my wedding ring.

My Selfie Scrapbook | How I Sustain Blog

How I Thrive: Keepsakes

This bracelet, like most of my new accessories, was given to me by my mom. She graciously gave it to me after I couldn’t stop staring at it one day. She didn’t have to give it, but she did. And I’m incredibly thankful for it.

It has been on my wrist almost every day since. It’s my go-to accessory, it’s the thing I put on first (even before my ring), not just because I like how it looks, but also because for whatever reason looking at this bracelet, and feeling it between my fingers, it gives me strength.

Strength is something we all need. I wonder sometimes if it’s possible to ever be strong enough, or if it’s something that we always work on. Because every time you think you’re strong enough: something shifts. Something in your life changes, and it challenges your strength. And the one thing I’ve learned is that there will always be something.

And so, for that, I have this bracelet.


How I Thrive: Love

It’s my middle name and I use the word A LOT, but love is how I thrive. I love a lot of things – my family, where I live, my friends (online and in person), my communities, I love the inspiration I get from Instagram, Twitter, and blogs, I love Project Life, and memory keeping.

And I love my husband. I truly do. He supports me, no matter what I choose, and inspires me to keep pushing myself. To seek new things. To want more. To try harder. And that kind of unconditional support gives me the space and time I need to thrive.

Which means I get more time to work on this space. And that works out for all of us. 😉


This Week’s Pages

Well, this week I decided to switch from digital to a physical album – which meant that I had to wait for the products to arrive in the mail. Here are this week’s pages, with all of their product awesomeness. Check in the comments below each picture for direct links to the products. The album itself is a 4×4 Instagram album by Becky Higgins, available in her shop.

How I Thrive #MySelfieScrapbook | Julie Gagen

How I Thrive – #MySelfieScrapbook | “Hello” by Color Cast Designs, “Noteworthy” stamp by Studio Calico (no longer available), stamp concept inspired by this blog post by Jen Carl of The Paper Process, I have no idea where the tab came from, but it’s not new!

How I Thrive #MySelfieScrapbook | Julie Gagen

How I Thrive – #MySelfieScrapbook | “Smile” stamp by Heidi Swapp, stamp concept inspired by this blog post by Jen Carl of The Paper Process

How I Thrive #MySelfieScrapbook | Julie Gagen

How I Thrive – #MySelfieScrapbook | “Today” card printed from Dazzle Mini Kit found in the Project Life App, printed using the collage option in the app, Stamp by Heidi Swapp, “Life is Tough” printable by Alex Hunter Designs available for purchase in Sunlight and Air’s Etsy Shop.

How I Thrive #MySelfieScrapbook | Julie Gagen

How I Thrive – #MySelfieScrapbook | Camera embellishment by Studio Calico (no longer available), Stamp concept inspired by this blog post by Jen Carl of The Paper Process, “Shake it Off” flair by Olya Schmidt of Paint Paper Studio (purchase through Scrapbooks and More), “Today” embellishment by Color Cast Designs

Join #mySelfieScrapbook

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#MySelfieScrapbook Contributors

I’m feeling SO lucky to work with such a talented group of ladies. They’re all pros at documenting life, talented photographers, and some of them design their own products. Check the links below to see their blogs, instagrams, and shops.

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  1. I am checking in and following all of your #myselfiescrapbook and I’m having a great time documenting it all. I enjoy thinking in a different way for a few pages in my album. But I have one question: We have this week’s prompt: Love Yourself. How many more prompts- just one? I’m trying to make sure I have enough room in my album! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I enjoy reading along. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Cynthia! The “love yourself” was the last prompt, and we’re doing the blog hop of final albums on Friday (5/15). I’m posting some more pages today, and I’ll post a link to them on my home page. Thanks SO MUCH for joining in! I love so many things about this project, but the biggest one is the people I’m meeting. So thank you 🙂

  2. Julie says

    That’s awesome, Cynthia! Do you have a link? Post it! I can pin it on our group Pinterest board too. 🙂

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