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Putting it all together: First and Last Pages of #MySelfieScrapbook

Cover Pages for Your Album | #MySelfieScrapbook

This post is part of the #MySelfieScrapbook collaborative project, co-sponsored by Jen Lake of Sunlight and Air Blog and four talented memory keeping product designers: Kellie Stamps, Record Life Blog, Color Cast Designs, and Polka Dot Creative. For more on this project, check out the initial post here, the list of suggested supplies, and the first prompt. Blog hops take place on Fridays here and on the other blogs through May 15th. If you want to join in, tag your post #myselfiescrapbook photos on Instagram. You can find all of my posts here.

This week is the wrap up of #MySelfieScrapbook – so get ready for a lot of fun (and a lot of social sharing!). Finishing any project is both exhilarating and exhausting. The final 10% of work seems to take 50% of the time you spend on it. There is a lot to consider, of course: formatting, final touches, re-doing draft work, etc. And often there are things we never thought about in the beginning, or the middle, like the cover, the first page, and the last page of the final product.

In my consulting days, I had to dedicate days to that final push. We would pull together a report that we spent months – sometimes years – working on. And between formatting, creating the front and back covers, organizing the digital product AND the physical product, and delivery, it was a substantial effort.

And, it turns out, the same is true for memory keeping projects.

I have so much to share on this album this week, that I thought it would be easier to take in everything if I dedicated a single post to this subject: so let’s talk covers.

Album Cover

I’m a minimalist memory keeper (as you know, because I say it all the time!), which means that I don’t dedicate a lot of time to little details, and I certainly don’t reserve extra time for making a fuss out of a cover or back cover.

Still, albums have covers.

So this week, as I’m wrapping up my album, I looked at some of my extra products and thought of how I could use them. And then I came up with the idea of adding an embellishment from Color Cast Designs to the cover. And I LOVE it!

#MySelfieScrapbook - 4x4 Project Life album cover

#MySelfieScrapbook – 4×4 Album Cover: Album from Becky Higgins, “Me” by Color Cast Designs

It’s super simple, but the “me” embellishment on the front really adds something to an otherwise boring black square.

First Page

The first page of an album, or a report, or a book, should give you some sense of what you’re getting into. For this album, I gave it an entire introduction.

#MySelfieScrapbook - 4x4 Album Cover: Album from Becky Higgins, picture printed with Canon MP Pixma Printer

#MySelfieScrapbook – 4×4 Album Cover: Album from Becky Higgins, picture printed with Canon MP Pixma Printer

The first page was created as part of my prompt, the first prompt of this project, “just start”. I love the colors, the simplicity, and how it set the tone for this entire book. So when I needed a cover, it just made sense to put this page first. And that’s one of the benefits of pocket pages: you can change them over, and over, and over again (which is what I do EVERY single time).


I (briefly) considered writing a “this project is..” page, but it just didn’t fit with the project. I have virtually no journaling (a really, really strange departure for me!), mostly because this project didn’t seem to need it.

I could have written a lot. Honestly, I have A LOT of material right now. But words, apart from a few notes, just didn’t fit the tone – and pace – of this project. So, instead, I pulled this card from Becky’s Good Life Quotes Kit, which is free in the Project Life App.

Good Life Quote Card by Becky Higgins

Good Life Quote Card by Becky Higgins. Available online in her shop or for free in the Project Life App.

I also just loved this picture, and when I converted from digital to a physical album, I couldn’t find the right placement for it. Thankfully, the High Five Edition specialty cards from Becky’s shop were there to fill in.


#MySelfieScrapbook – 4×4 Album: Quote from Becky Higgins – available in the Project Life App for free, “Like This” overlay and Floral Card both from the High Five Cards available at Shop Becky Higgins, pictures printed with Canon MP Pixma Printer

I love the outcome. It’s simple. It’s layered. And it’s very different from the rest of the album. And also I just love that photo. So there’s that.

It's me: again

One more time!

Last Page

I’ve surprised – and amused – myself a lot with this project. It’s creative. It’s unique. And it’s very different from what I normally do with memory keeping (#projectlifeappisthebestthingever). So, if I have the (rare) opportunity to write all over my photos – well, I’m going to take it.

Sign your album: add a personal touch to the end of your #MySelfieScrapbook Album

Sign your album: add a personal touch to the end of your #MySelfieScrapbook Album

I love it! It’s my album. It’s about me. And what better way to end it than with a cheeky signature. So that, years from now, when you’re rich and famous, you can say – this your “signed” work.

Or you can just laugh at yourself a little for the entire thing – which is what I’m already doing.

But seriously – you should sign your album.


Keeping Tabs

Because this project is all run on blogs, and it’s a little informal, and because I have SO many pages dedicated to only 5 prompts, I felt like I needed a way to organize myself in order to keep track of what I’ve done, and what I’m missing.

#MySelfieScrapbook - 4x4 Project Life album, first page

Organize your album with tabs (not stickies)

#MySelfieScrapbook - 4x4 Project Life album, adding tabs

Organize your album with tabs (not stickies)

And while Post-it notes are a great temporary solution, I needed something more permanent. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how I acquired these tabs. I don’t even have an estimate as to when they were acquired, or who made them. But I do know that having tabs is really helpful. If you have some that you love, certainly post in the comments below! We all love product links and recommendations – so share away!

And if you want a summary of all of the posts thus far, check out this next section.

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#MySelfieScrapbook Contributors

I’m feeling SO lucky to work with such a talented group of ladies. They’re all pros at documenting life, talented photographers, and some of them design their own products. Check the links below to see their blogs, instagrams, and shops.

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Well, that’s all for now friends.


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  1. I feel like I should do this at some point – how cool would it be to have an album like this of your mom or grandmother? I always think this when I get overwhelmed with all there is to document. 🙂

  2. Hi Julie!
    Your album is so perfect! I love your thought process and the way you convey that in your album!!
    Love this genius idea so much! Thank you for the #myselfiescrapbook!!

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