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How I’m Finding My Joy This Summer

#LittleSummerJOY Project

I love memory keeping. LOVE IT. But I recognize that this is a niche that not everyone cares about. I do recognize that.

The thing is, that there is a lot of awesome that comes from being self-reflective and considering yourself, your life, and your roles as a parent, professional, sister, daughter, aunt, friend. It’s an opportunity to grow. To learn about yourself. To realize it’s all okay. And to love your life and who you are.

It’s good for your soul. Really, really good.

But with yoga teacher training coming up, and with the chaos of having two boys on school vacation, and all of the traveling that comes with summer, I knew there was no way I could take on an entire scrapbook album. Just no way.

And I got sad about that. I love making albums. They’re so pretty and fun. And I have all these supplies. And I have all these Instagram followers . And I want to keep doing the memory keeping thing, even if it’s not a pocket-page Project-Life style album.

So I started thinking about what I COULD do.

Because that’s WAY more fun anyway.

And what I realized was that I wanted to WRITE. The pictures are nice. The albums are fun. But I want words. A lot of words.

I want to write about what we do this summer. I want to record our adventures. I want to remember our habits. I want it all in one place. And I want a space where I can reflect on the summer.

So I decided on a traveler’s notebook. An unlined, plain journal that I can write in. A journal I can stamp. A journal I can add pictures to. Or whatever. A blank canvas. A space where I can do whatever I want. Where there are no rules.

I wrote all about it here.

And, I’ll be honest, I started writing in it the day I brought it home. And I love it.

#LittleSummerJOY Project | Julie's Traveler's Notebook#LittleSummerJOY Project | Julie's Traveler's Notebook #LittleSummerJOY Project | Julie's Traveler's Notebook#LittleSummerJOY Project | Julie's Traveler's NotebookI’m sure you can see why.

It’s SO fast and SO easy. And each page is totally different. Already, I’m looking at these pages from last week and thinking about how different they are from what I created this week.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, visit the project #LittleSummerJOY web page and sign up for the FREE class, which opens for registration TODAY and officially starts July 6th.