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Julie's Get to Work Book | How I Sustain Blog

You may or may not know this about me, but I super-love Elise Blaha Cripe and pretty much everything she does. So when she announced that she was making a planner called Get to Work Book, I was SO there.

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So I ordered it. And it arrived. And I loved the concept and the layout and it was SO awesome.

Except for one thing:

I had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Thankfully, like many challenges in life, there is a solution to this. So I started down the rabbit hole of social media, checked out the Get to Work Book  instagram handle and hashtag and created an inspirational Pinterest board.

It turns out, there is this whole world of planners that I had no idea existed. And I’m partially in awe and partially overwhelmed by it all.

Thankfully, as I talked about yesterday, we all have choices. And I’m going to choose to use this as a tool, very specifically, for building my businesses. And, sure, I’ll make it a little cute and a little decorated so I can share it on Instagram. But it’s not going to be a masterpiece. And it’s not going to get special attention. And it’s not going to be my next way of memory keeping.

Because – woah, friends – we can all only do so much.

And I’m glad I decided that. Because almost as soon as I made that decision, I was able to actually use it for its intended purpose: to work on stuff. And plan things. And get to work.

Julie's Get to Work Book | How I Sustain Blog

Julie's Get to Work Book | How I Sustain BlogAnd then, of course, I added a few bits of cuteness to what will be my WORK planner. My BUSINESS journal. My steps and plans and actions that detail my journey towards full-time self-employment. And I’m really happy to have it. And I love the timing. And I know it’s just one more tool I can use to get myself positioned to make things happen for myself.

It’s easy to get distracted trying to keep up with everyone else. But when you can take a step back and evaluate your WHY and your HOW, and remember what you were doing in the first place, thta’s when the awesome happens. That’s when you get your focus. And that’s when you start to do the work.


Happy weekend, friends!