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Editing Images on Your iPhone | Week in the Life 2015 | Monday

Editing Images on your iPhone | Week in the Life 2015

This week’s theme is Week in the Life 2015 – a free annual documentation project lead by Ali Edwards that’s all about documenting your every day, one week out of the year. As someone recently said, “next year, you’ll be disappointed you didn’t start this year.” It’s about capturing your regular moments. Or what is regular right now. It’s about getting all of those little things that years from now, will seem anything but regular. It’s a point of reference. And it’s a lot of fun.

To follow along on my project, check back here daily, or use my Week in the Life tag. You can also get more tips from on Instagram (@julieloveg) and twitter (@juliegagen).

I did that thing again where I check Instagram on Sunday morning and immediately get worried that I missed the start of Week in the Life. It happens every year.

Thankfully, I caught myself early enough in the day that I hadn’t rushed immediately to my computer to start cranking out pages. Instead, I created this graphic, which is inspired me to share a little something about editing images on your iPhone.

Editing Images for Week in the Life on iPhone

There are already a lot of tutorials out there on this, so I’m going to keep this post limited to what I did to make the graphic shown above. But if you want to know more, you can read this post from earlier this year.

Step 1: Take the Picture with Space Around the Subject

First, take a picture. Knowing the unpredictability of a toddler, first priority with capturing any moment is to get an image. Second priority is to get a good one. Here are the images that I took for this photo.

Editing Images on your iPhone | Week in the Life 2015 Again, first priority is to get the photo. And if that’s all I was able to capture, I could edit it – with lighting and cropping – to make it usable for the purposes of this Week in the Life project. But because I had time, I took a second image.

Editing Images on your iPhone | Week in the Life 2015This second image might be my favorite of the three, but the background and the angle was just a little too much for what I wanted. So I took a third one.

Editing Images on your iPhone | Week in the Life 2015You can see in this last one that the background is a lot simpler, the subject is more evident, and with a little cropping and angling, I had enough space to add something more. Photographers call this “white space” and it’s an effective tool, especially when it comes to capturing images that you want to add digital text to.

Step 2: Edit the Picture

I talk about this every time I write about editing photos on your iPhone, but I always use PicTapGo. VSCOcam is another great alternative. Within PicTapGo, I use “lights on” and “crispity” to get the effect that you typically see in my photos.

Editing Images on your iPhone | Week in the Life 2015

Step 3: Text Overlay Apps

Friends, there is A LOT to choose from out there. I like Paint Paper Studio App and Little Moments App.

Here are two pictures I created using them.


I hope that helps you get some inspiration for adding text to your Week in the Life photos! Stay tuned for pages from my book tomorrow.