Hello | The Blog-Tember Challenge


Do you ever have those moments where you fully set yourself in a boundary, after spending a lot of time not respecting that boundary, and – finally – firmly plant your heels in the ground and proclaim “DAMN IT, I’m not doing this anymore!”

Well, I just did that.

And an hour later I tossed it out the window and wrote this blog post instead.

The truth is, I’ve been neglecting this space because I was away all summer. And because habits can be hard to form. But I miss it. Every single day. I just need a boost to get started again. A little inspiration. Some motivation. Some support.

Which is exactly why I’m starting Monday Morning Coffee (if you haven’t joined yet, DO IT! It’s seriously never too late. Jump in. Stay a while. Make something happen for yourself.)

So I’m starting this Blog-Tember challenge with Brave Love Blog, weeks into September, and playing a little catch-up. It’s my way of getting back to this space, in the way that I want to be back here, in a format that supports habit-building… something that I need a little help with right now.


Day 1 | Introduce Yourself

Hi, friend! I’m Julie. I have an About page that needs to be updated, so, really, you might be better off reading 15 Things About Me or scrolling through my tags (at the bottom of the page).

Currently, I’m a mom of one almost-3 year old Max and guardian to my awesome nephew Cal. We also have two dogs and are fostering a cat. And, oh right – because I almost forgot – I’m married to an amazing guy named Chris who is the love of my life (and who is barely on the internet, friends! I honestly don’t know how he survives, #amiright?!).

When I’m not wrangling two awesome, exuberant little dudes, or going on daily walks with the dogs, I’m developing my practice + looking for my first yoga teaching gig, creating projects with my creative cohorts at Little Paper Projects, learning new crafts, and creating with paper, photos, and words for my Project Life albums as part of the Project Life Creative Team 2015. Basically, I make a lot of things. And I am an avid – dare I say prolific? – memory keeper. And I’m not stopping anytime soon.

I’m passionate about helping people make things happen for themselves. I’m passionate about goals – both in having them for ourselves and finding ways to help us achieve them. I’m passionate about learning. I love podcasts. And paper. Man, I REALLY love paper. And making things. And sharing the things I make. And teaching. And learning more again.

I’m also passionate about beta testing. I realize how weird that may sound, but I love being on the Project Life App Creative Team this year because it means I get to play around with all the new features, share what I know, and give feedback before it gets released out to the world. Again, maybe it’s weird. I don’t care – it’s a lot of fun!

You can follow me here (on my blog) and on Instagram, occasionally on Twitter, and hopefully more often on Periscope (@juliegagen).