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Let’s Talk Goals

Monday Morning Coffee with Julie

Okay, friends. It’s mid-month September and I’m about to make a big push in my free goal-setting and accountability group Monday Morning Coffee.

If you would like to join, now is THE TIME to do it. I have a lot on the schedule, and now that my goal is fully progressing (more on that soon!) into something that I have to manage (yay!), I’m fully ready to take all of you with me. Let’s do this!

YES! Sign me up!

Need a little more convincing? I would too. Let’s talk about what it’s going to look like.

First, Introductions

First, we introduce ourselves and we introduce our goals. For me, it’s good to know who is in the group, what your interests are, and what you’re looking for. That’s how I tailor the goal setting and smaller challenges.

If you have a BIG goal – like changing your lifestyle or taking on a big project – your needs are different then if you have a smaller goal – like completing an unfinished project.

And if your goal happens to align with others’ goals – as it certainly does in our crafty circle – then we can take on a bigger challenge together.

Monday Morning Coffee with Julie

Second, Let’s Talk about the WHY

The WHY is our next logical step. Understanding the WHY allows you to set attainable steps to lead you towards achieving what you want to achieve. For me, I love the very act of making goals.

Truly, it’s an odd hobby – but setting goals, coming up with the HOW, the WHAT, and the WHEN is a natural state of being for me. I get an idea, I think about what it looks like and what I would want to do. I think about what I want to get out of it. I think about the benefits, the concept, the mission and vision. And then I run out of time.

And, very often, I don’t make the time to see it any further than that. And that’s okay. Because a lot of my ideas don’t need to happen right away. They don’t need or require immediate action. They simply are ideas, things I want to do, things I might do someday.

It’s not that I don’t have the time. I do. I’m very good at making pockets of time for myself. But, more often than not, when I get that time, I waste it. I spend too much time scrolling through social media. I read articles and fall into a time warp and, just like that, hours have passed and my time to work is over.

The thing that sets apart the ideas from the actionable things that I make happen in my life is a very simple, very straight forward step in the idea planning process: WHY. The goals that I make happen have a very clear WHY. And that WHY has a thought-out and passionate response. And when I have that passionate response, I can use it to answer myself when I start wasting time online. I can use that WHY to motivate me to finish whatever other tasks I have to do, so that I have more time to work on my goal. I use that WHY to answer my husband when he asks me, “so… why are you doing this again?”

The WHY is very useful and necessary part of the planning. πŸ˜‰

Each Monday, here on the blog, you’ll get more from me on goals. Goal-setting. Goal planning. And creating actionable steps to make things happen for yourself. I’ll share my favorite resources, things that I find and love, and things that inspire me to push myself forward. If that sounds good to you, request to join Monday Morning Coffee and finally find a use for that planner you bought.. πŸ˜‰

YES! Sign me up!