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Sometimes You Just Have to Put Yourself Out There

Sometimes you have to just put yourself out there and see what happens | How I Sustain Blog

Friends, most of my life is heavily edited. I edit my actions, my choices, my ways of thinking, and my social media posts. Most of the time I would argue that it’s good to self-edit, especially when it comes to negative thinking patterns, or meeting new people, or just being in a world where everything is so documented, so quickly discussed, so often judged.

But sometimes the self-editing goes too far. It gets to the point where I edit so much, that I don’t actually say anything at all. And my point is missed. And people never get to know me.

And I want people to know me.

I definitely do want that.. though I regularly have to remind myself that’s what I want.

I’m in the middle of launching my first yoga class (a week from today!) and it’s hard. I have a goal of selling out – which is a great goal – but it’s probably not going to happen. Which is fine. But I still want a critical mass of people in the class in order to make it comfortable for everyone that attends.

This morning I woke up gasping from a nightmare that my business failed. It was 5am and there was no way I was getting back to sleep.

So I thought for a while, laying in bed, about the nightmare. I thought about why I had it, where it came from, and what I could do to fix the source of the stress.

Sometimes you have to just put yourself out there and see what happens | How I Sustain Blog

And the answer was a Facebook Page.

So I made it.

And I felt great.

Until I realized that I actually needed to share it with people in order for the Facebook Page to do its thing. And I just bit my tongue, gritted my teeth, and invited a whole bunch of friends to like my page.

And you know what? I have nearly 40 likes after just a few hours. It’s not a miracle, but it feels really good.

But I didn’t stop there.


No, friends. I kept going.

First, I did a Periscope (you can find me @juliegagen).

Then, I set up my YouTube Channel.


And then I wrote this post that you’re reading right now.

And only now, after hours of frustrating computer back end development, do I feel like – okay, I’ve put myself out there. Let’s see what happens.

And then I went to the studio where I’ll be teaching and passed out a bunch of fliers. Because you know what? I have to feel like I’ve done everything I can to promote myself. I fully believe that I have something valuable to offer, and the only way anyone else is going to know about it is if I promote it myself.

So there it is. A huge jolt of inspiration for your Monday morning.