Worrying About Money Makes You Crazy

Money Stress Makes You Crazy. Get Your Head Back. Make a Plan. How I Sustain Blog.

Worrying about money makes you crazy.

Seriously, friends. It does. Money, itself, makes you crazy. Worrying about money makes you double crazy.

I’ll explain.

So I’m less than a week away from teaching my first yoga class. Which also, coincidentally though NOT AT ALL on purpose, is the exact same day that my newest Little Paper Projects project Love Where You Live is scheduled to launch.

And, somehow, though not surprising at all, I managed to build on the stress of launching two businesses at the same time by assigning expectations to how each of those things is supposed to happen.

And the second that I did that, I changed my entire outlook on why I was even doing it in the first place. And it started getting hard. And I started building stress. And taking things personally. And internalizing too much. And having nightmares. And stress eating. And feeling overall sick to my stomach.


I don’t know. Honestly, I know when it happened (during a conversation with my husband about money), but I know better than to do that to myself. I’m fully conscious about the perils of money stress – both in how it stresses me into over-action and completely paralyzes me.

When I’m stressed about money, the money stress rules every action that I take. It rules my state of being. It makes it hard for me to do anything other than work. And when you do anything other than work, you get messy. You make mistakes. And you’re not at your best self.

Money Stress Makes You Crazy. Get Your Head Back. Make a Plan. How I Sustain Blog.

So I’m sharing all of this today to say – sometimes, even the things we have emotionally worked through come back to rule us again. But the difference is, hopefully, that when they come back, we’re able to recognize them better and catch ourselves faster.

And when we catch ourselves in the cycle of self-imposed stress, we have the opportunity to make choices. Choices to work the adrenaline out of our system. Choices to feed our bodies healthy foods. Choices to pull ourselves out of the traps we fall into.

And choices to build ourselves back up. By resting, by going for a walk, and by taking better care of ourselves. Until, finally, we’re at the point where we can think clearly. Think our way though the root source of the stress. Think through the actions and steps we can SLOWLY take to start to alleviate concern for money. And then think through how we can make the time in our existing lives to bring ourselves back up, and out, and on a better path.

It’s not complicated. But it does require clarity. And the way to get clarity is through self-care.