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The Course is LIVE! Hooray the course is live!!

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Honestly, friends, this post is as much about the woes of being a creative entrepreneur as it is a celebration of our first PAID class at Little Paper Projects.

The class is called Love Where You Live. It’s a celebration of life and home, driven by photo prompts and inspiration to share stories. It’s a beautiful meditation on what home means. It’s a piece of work I am proud of.

But, man, it was SUCH a project to get here.

There is, of course, the content. There is the contributor team. There is the prompts, the example project (still in the works), the website copy, the photography, the graphics, the communication with the contributor team, the formatting, the branding package, the list-making, the communication with my awesome business partner Jen and our friend Mandy, who’s helping us with the scheduling right now.

And then, of course, there is the absolutely bear of a task of developing the website to support it all.

Man, that last one almost set me over the edge.

(Though, if I’m being honest, I don’t know what the edge is or what it leads to, or what would happen if I went over it. ANYWAY, in this story there is an edge, and my toes were on it.)

But it’s fine. Because it’s here. And it’s later than we wanted, but we’re compensating for that with lots of fun stuff.

Like a crazy-good referral opportunity that no one offers.

Seriously, friends. For every person you refer to for our class, you get a $5 credit towards our shop. And there is A LOT of fun in store for that!

Yes, friends, that means if you refer 3 people, you’ve covered the cost of your next class. Classes will forever (hopefully) remain at $15 each. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

Here are ways you can follow this class (if you’re still deciding):

  1. Follow Little Paper Projects on Instagram
  2. Follow our #LPPLoveWhereYouLive Pinterest board
  3. Sign up for the LPP List
  4. Read the course description on the Love Where You Live Course page.

And, when you’re ready, sign up – you can do so on the Love Where You Live Course page.

Sign Me Up for Love Where You Live   

If you’re wanting a bunch of referrals, you can use this picture (save it locally, then upload it to your site) on your blog posts, Instagram, and Twitter. Just make sure to tell people to use your name when they sign up.

Love Where You Live by Little Paper Projects | Blog Badge + IG Share

And there it is.

PHEW! What an incredible amount of work, friends. I guess the one difference between this and the other past courses we’ve done is that it’s paid this time. And we have the hope and the commitment and the dogged determination to do everything we can to make it happen for us. To make this business possible. To keep going, to sell it like crazy, because we believe in it. Because we want it. And because we know we have a fantastic product.

Sometimes, against all reason and doubt, you have to fully believe in yourself, and GO FOR IT. Make it hapen. On your own. That's the life of an entrepreneur. | How I Sustain Blog.

Sometimes you have to believe in yourself, against all reason and doubt. That is the life of an entrepreneur.






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  1. Serene says

    I signed up more than 24 hours & have not gotten a confirmation email 🙁

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