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Why You Should Start Documenting Messes

Why you should start documenting your messes  How I Sustain Blog

I could make a list of 100 reasons why you should start documenting your messes. I know, it sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Messes are a reflection of our real lives. Right now. Messes reflect the things we know and love, the stuff we use so much that it never seems to be tucked away.

And stuff, friends, isn’t all bad.

Why you should start documenting messes | How I Sustain Blog

Right now I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home – which, if you haven’t yet, is a wonderful read. Especially the audiobook version. And the first chapter is dedicated to her relationship with things. In summary, what I took from it was that people who have relationships with their things, often also have good relationships with people. The things, research says, remind them of the people that they care for, the memories they’ve created, and the life moments that they cherish.

I love that.

That, of course, does not grant permission to hoard every item that has ever meant anything to you. Rather, I think it is further support for this type of home documentation project. Loving where you live, loving the things that you invite into your home, it’s healthy. And good. And a mark of a life well lived.

And when we capture the things in our spaces, in their natural state of use, we can keep the photos and let go of the physical item. We can let go, because we have the memory. And that memory can be tangible – just as tangible – with a good photograph as it can be when you hold that physical item.


So that’s my lesson for today. And if you want to hear me talk more about the Love Where You Live Project, and share some stories (at the end of the video) as to why I think everyone – regardless of where you are in your life – should do this project.

Happy Wednesday, friends!