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Make Your Own: DIY Deodorant

Make your own DIY Chemical Free Deodorant

OH, friends! If you’ve never made your own home products, you have NO IDEA what you’re missing out on.

Last week I had a chance to attend a demonstration from my fabulous friend Awbree of Bunkhouse Creative. She’s one of the most capable creative people I know. Seriously, friends, everything she touches comes out beautiful and perfect.

And her deodorant recipe is no exception.

I’ll admit: I was fully skeptical. After all, I’m a power yoga teacher. I sweat regularly. How could some homemade product keep up with me?

But I have to say – after using it for a week – I truly LOVE this deodorant!! My body has transitioned with no problem (maybe, in part, because it’s winter?) and I love the smell of coconuts every time I start to sweat.

So I know what you’re thinking: “Ok. I get it. But seriously….”

Make your own DIY Chemical Free Deodorant 2

WHY would I make my own deodorant?

Well, friends, let’s be honest: your arm pits are an incredibly sensitive part of your body’s largest organ – your skin. And every single day you apply this same substance to your pits. And every single day, just like moisturizer or oils, your skin absorbs that substance.

And, over time, that substance actually alters your hormones and your skin’s natural biome.

And did you know that most deodorants contain ALUMINUM?!

Also, breast cancer. Look at your arm pit. Look at your boobs. Do you see how close they are?!


Sorry. I had to say it. Because, seriously, friends. If I stop and think about it for a couple seconds I just can’t handle the level of heebie jeebies I feel when I start to think about what it’s doing to my body.

Truly, for YEARS I’ve known all of these things and chose to ignore them because I just didn’t have a good solution.

Thankfully, Awbree swooped in to save the day.

And I truly could not be more grateful.

Safe products for you: DIY Deodorant Recipe. Make your own DIY Home Products with Essential Oils | Healthy Living at How I Sustain Blog


The Recipe

Combine baking soda and arrowroot powder in a mixing bowl. Melt the coconut oil by microwaving the glass jar (Make sure to REMOVE THE LID!) for up to 1 minute. Add 6 T of liquid coconut oil to the bowl. If the mixture appears too thick, add 1-2 T of liquid coconut oil.

Note from Awbree: “I tend to use 6 T in the summer and 8 T in the winter. Since coconut oil is solid in colder temperatures, this helps with thickness.”

Store in a small mason jar with label.

Note: you might want a small spoon or scraper in cooler temperatures, as it can be harden in the winter.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I am PUMPED to start trying out different recipes after I finish this jar. Though it might take a while! Because just one of these jars is enough to last me probably another year. Which brings me to another added benefit of making your own home products:

It’s WAY cheaper.

Sold? Awesome! While you’re making your list, check out more from me on essential oils and how to order your starter pack. You won’t believe how much you can benefit with a few bottles of pure plant extract.

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Make your own DIY Chemical Free Deodorant 3

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  1. Donna LaBorde says

    I use Schmidt’s Deodorant…….wonder how this would compare with that.

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