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The Best Gift for Memory Keepers This Holiday Season

#1 The number one gift every photo loving mom, grandma, aunt, friend, associate, girl boss wants this year: an archival quality, affordable printer for home + home office | How I Sustain Blog

I know. You’ve probably seen a ton of posts exactly like this one. But this isn’t a marketing scheme, or a blog traffic driver, or even paid (though it should be!), or really anything other than an answer to a question someone left on Instagram the other day.

You see, as memory keepers – scrapbookers, moms, busy people, whoever you are – there are few things more annoying than ordering photos.

Seriously. I’m not kidding.

For example. The other day our mom’s group gave us ONE day’s notice that they needed a photo of us with our kids as part of their way of being just a little more secure when the kids get picked up after our meetings.

One day.

Considering it was already dark out and I knew the picture would be total crap if I took it at night, and considering we were leaving for the meeting at 9:00 the next morning, and considering who has time for this, seriously! I was thankful to have the option to hustle quickly and make something happen, thanks to the help of the most afforable, most convenient, best quality printer out there.

The Canon Pixma MG7520 Printer is the bees-knees of home printers. It’s wireless. It’s fast. It has exceptional print quality. It’s easy on ink. It’s ARCHIVAL quality. And I print directly from my iPhone, or computer, or laptop with a simple swipe.

It’s perfect, friends!

And the best part? It’s only $100.



Honestly, as a busy mom with a lot of other crap to do like posting photos on Instagram, and Facebooking, and doing PiYO (because I’m obsessed!), I just don’t have time to spend 15 minutes uploading a single picture to a wonky website just to trudge down to whatever crappy printer is nearest, wait in line for 20 minutes, and make sure to get there while the photo lab is still open, only for them to charge me their $5 minimum order for a terrible quality photo. (This has happened many, many times!)

I want my pictures quickly. I want them to be good quality. And I want it to be super convenient.

And that’s just me as a mom.

#1 The number one gift every photo loving mom, grandma, aunt, friend, associate, girl boss wants this year: an archival quality, affordable printer for home + home office | How I Sustain Blog

Me as a scrapbooker? As a Project Lifer? As a memory keeper and lover of making mini books?! I NEED this thing. Honestly, I can’t tell you how much it has saved me (in terms of real dollars), to print at home, myself, instead of ordering photos online.

Sold? I thought so. Ask your favorite person for this printer. You won’t be disappointed.

That is my PSA for today.

Happy printing!!







  1. This looks awesome. I was just in a similar situation the other day where I needed a picture by the next morning for school .I had no option but to run out to the print store. I want this printer so I don’t need to do this again .

  2. Have you done a cost per 4×6 breakdown….just curious…I think someone said the Selphy was about 30 cents a print when you factor in ink, wear and paper….just wondering how they compare! Thanks for the post!

    • Julie says

      Great question!! It’s hard for me to say, because it depends on how light and dark and what colors are in your prints. For instance, if you had prints with a lot of blue or black hues, you would use more ink than if you had pictures with mostly white tones. Also, I use my printer for more than just 4×6’s. Because it goes up to 8.5×11, I actually do a lot of larger prints (because why not!).

      SO, that being said, I think I went through at least 500 4×6 papers and a pack of 8.5x11s on my first set of inks. Based on that rough estimate, and the estimate that a friend of mine (with the same printer) calculated, we’re both estimating around $0.10 – $0.18 per print.

      In addition, we’re printing a lot LESS because we’re not duplicating prints, ordering things we didn’t mean to order, we’re saving time by not having to do the purchase or pickup process, and no shipping or taxes. So all in all, it’s a HUGE SAVINGS. HUGE!

      Hope that helps!!

  3. susan says

    i want one! I have a Selphy and I like it, but seriously – I hate sending photos out now…and would love to be able to print other sizes. What software do you use with it? I feel Photoshop is above my capability…

  4. Oh, Susan! That’s the best part!! I do everything FROM MY IPHONE. No software. I edit, save, and export right from my Photos App. No computer required. No skills required. It’s a slice of AMAZING.

  5. Amanda L. says

    Awesome! I am definitely getting this. Last year I decided to start my Project Life adventure, however I failed (miserably) all because of photos. I spent so much time organizing and uploading my photos to an online printing service and when I got my photos back they looked horrible! So I gave up and never started.

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