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Inspiration Monday: Two Things You Need for your Best GirlBoss Year Yet | Big Magic + TruthBomb App

Your Story is Original Because it's Yours. Monday Inspiration | #TruthBomb App for Girl Bosses.

GAH! I have SO so many things to share with you that, honestly, it’s hard to know where to start. I want to talk about my One Little Word®, my plans for Project Life this year, my business plans for taking Yoga + Memory Keeping (separately) to the next level, plus all of the amazing resources and ideas that I’ve come across in my internet wanderings with other female entrepreneurs, how I’ve developed boundaries and still done my badass girl-bossery thing.

SO so many things.


Let’s start this week – the first week of the year – with a little talk about inspiration. Because, let’s face it, that’s an important topic for this very first day of the very first week of the new year.

First, today I’m featuring my favorite new app: the TruthBomb App by Danielle LaPorte. It’s a slice of perfect. Super simple, highly shareable images that you can use to inspire your day, your pursuits, or add a little umph to your mundane commute. I happened to get it while it was free (and I’m in no way affiliated with the app), but honestly, it’s worth every penny.

So get it.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

There is truth in tenderness. Monday Inspiration | #TruthBomb App for Girl Bosses.


Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration comes in many forms. It comes in the form of a supportive friend, a cheerleader parent, a partner who believes wholeheartedly in you. It comes in the form of supportive networks of female entrepreneurs and professional societies. It comes from amazing presentations with motivational speakers, networking events, and coincidental meetings.

It comes from books that speak to your soul, movies that exhibit the best parts of your life at this very moment, and music that you can’t help but dance to.

It also comes in the form of professional coaches, mastermind groups, yoga teachers, and therapists.

Become your lover. Monday Inspiration | #TruthBomb App for Girl Bosses.

Whatever the source, inspiration has this manner of driving our desires forward. Even when you’re tired, and your spirit is seasonally dampened, and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and say “come back in 6 weeks, when winter is over.”

Even then, inspiration can bring us back to life.

It calls you.

And when it calls you, you have a choice. Do you answer, when inspiration knocks on your door? Or do you slide the deadbolt, and tell it to try someone else?

I say – answer that door.


Inspiration drives you.

Because inspiration can drive drive you to do amazing things. Things that you didn’t know you could do. Things that you never thought you would be able to do. Things that re-inspire you to create new things. Things that bring you joy, and bring others joy.

Things that make you want to create, and re-create, over and over again.

Things that make you get up an hour early, just to spend time on them.

Yes, friend. Inspiration can drive you to start a new health and wellness challenge, develop a new hobby, or meet new people. It can drive you to start a business, or develop a new product, or start something totally new. It can drive you to want more for yourself. It can drive you to change jobs, change careers, change partners, change countries, change friends.

It can drive you to become a yoga teacher, even when your rational self says “… whaaaat.. ?”

It can drive you to be happy. To live well. To be whole.


All you have to answer when it calls.


So consider this a call. Consider this your impetus for trying something new, just to see what it might be like. Just to test the waters. Just to .. consider.

If you are a creative, or if you believe you would like to pursue something creative, but believe you are not, inherently, creative, you need this book.

If you are a creative, you NEED THIS BOOK: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is written by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s an amazing book. It’s perfect for the creative entrepreneur, looking to add a little more depth, curiosity, openness to their business. It’s perfect for the female professional who claims she’s “not creative.” It’s perfect for the mom, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, associate, roommate who needs a little more – magic – in her life. It’s perfect if you want to know what inspiration is all about, how to hear it, and how it can manifest into some amazing productions.

And I’m not just talking about paintings and movies, friends. I’m talking about products, new businesses, enterprises, and hobbies.

I’m talking about listening to that voice inside you that says you might be onto something, hearing that voice, and acting on it.

Truth, friends. Believe it.