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Pocket Page Thursday | January Project Life App Pages

00_2016_Cover Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages

I say this a lot, but I’m going to keep saying it anyway: memory keeping is a form of therapy for me. For me, documenting life is about highlighting the best parts of our everyday life, the routines the mundane, the uninteresting but authentic parts of right now, and it’s about acknowledging the hard stuff.

It doesn’t have to be heavy. It doesn’t have to be overly detailed, or too personal, or inappropriate. It can just be real. Real the way you would be if you ran into a friend, and they asked you how you were doing. Real in the way that contains the messes, acknowledges the hardships, and finds peace working towards making tomorrow a better day. Real in the sense that life is not just happy, or sad, but somewhere in between. Real in the sense of real life. Every day. And all that comes with it.

Pocket Page Thursday | January Pages

This year I’m joining Kellie of Kellie Stamps and Jessica of Colorcast designs for their weekly Pocket Page Thursday. Since I have a lot of catching up to do, I’m sharing the full month of January this week.

Most of the photos were taken with my iPhone, edited with AColorStory App, and created with the Project Life app. I intend to have a physical component to this year’s book, but 2016 has been a rocking year, and right now I’m just happy to be caught up through March.

One day at a time.

Most of the cards used are the Project 52 Edition of Project Life. That edition is only available digitally and in the app, so if you’re a physical memory keeper, you’re out of luck. Other favorite editions (again, all purchased in the app) are: Be Bright Themed Cards, Be Fearless Themed Cards, Bold & Gold Themed Cards, Dazzle Mini Kit, Everyday Edition, and Moments Like These.

ProjectLife_01-JAN-Week0 Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages ProjectLife_01-JAN-Week1 Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages ProjectLife_01-JAN-Week2 Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages ProjectLife_01-JAN-Week3 Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages ProjectLife_01-JAN-Week4 Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages

Hope you enjoyed this installment! Stay tuned next week for our Disney vacation spreads, all made in the app!






  1. Awesome Julie! What app or program do you use to get your weekly layouts side-by-side? Thanks!

    • Julie says

      Hi Rae! I used Photoshop Elements to combine these photos, but you can also use the PhotoGrid iPhone app to do the same thing. To make the combination, choose the “stitch” option, select your two layouts, and rotate the image. 🙂

  2. Great idea about sharing monthly. Gives me ideas to share that way too. Thanks. Your pages are so crisp and white compared to mine. I love the look.

  3. Did you do all of these pages with the mobile app? If so, how did you get the gray border around each “pocket” area? I have been trying to figure out some way to do this!!

    • Hi Shari! Yes, I made them all in the app and those gray borders are just part of the format. You might not be able to see it in the app, but when you export them it should show. 🙂

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