Let’s Do a 5-Day Smoothie and Squat Challenge!

Smoothies and Squats Spring Challenge with Julie

Hi Friends!

Just a short post on this gorgeous Saturday morning. I don’t know about you, but in my little corner of the world spring is finally FINALLY happening, and I’m inspired to move more, to get healthier, and to eat ALL the fruits and veggies.

Or, at least, I aspire to do that.

And, at the halfway mark in my pregnancy, I know that this is the time – and possibly the only time – when I’ll have the energy, interest, and motivation to strengthen my body in preparation for the BIG day in September (you know the one, it’s the day I give birth, and MAN is it a big one!).

Smoothies and Squats Spring Challenge with JulieSo I’m starting a Facebook group which will kick off in ONE WEEK, on April 30th. Every day there will be a smoothie recipe and a squat challenge. I found some amazing video examples from experts and smoothie recipes you’re sure to love.

And the best part?

The smoothies are all gluten-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly.

Say whaatt?! I know. I’m really, really excited too.

Ready to join in?

I thought so.

Join the Smoothie + Squats Spring Challenge NOW!   

Invite your friends. Cheer each other on. Make it a thing. Let’s do this!!

Hope to see you there!