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Pocket Page Thursday | February Project Life App Pages

02-FEB-Week6b Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages

February was one of those months that came and passed, and I was happy it ended. It was a hard month for me physically, with hyperemesis bearing down, and at its hardest.

But there were awesome things too.

Like play dates, happy kids, a newfound obsession with muffins and a drive to acquire them, whenever and wherever I could get them, and we started our bathroom renovation.

Project Life App Pages | February

ProjectLife_02-FEB-Week6a Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages

Cal and I got to enjoy some quality time together, for a dinner out at Johnny Rocket’s. It was fancy, for us, and a big deal for me to get out of the house. Of course, it came after my first round of IV fluids, and the beginning of a short, but much-needed, wave of energy for me.

ProjectLife_02-FEB-Week7 Project Life 2016 | Julie Gagen | Project Life App Pages

We adventured. Started what would be a 6-week inconvenience with the bathroom, and the boys even met Spiderman at a local play place. We went out to the movies and played at home.

It was a good month. A long month. And one that I’m happy is on the books.


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Happy Documenting, friends!




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