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Gifting Original Kid’s Art for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day DIY Painting

Every year Max gives his meme original artwork for Mother’s Day. It’s a simple gift that seems like nothing. But I love giving it. I love making it. I love seeing how happy it makes Max to give it, and meme to receive it.

Honestly, I just love kid’s art. I love watching their little fingers make sense of paint, paper, and glue. I love seeing how it progresses over time. I love having an annual opportunity to give it to the adults that our kids love so much.

So I give Max creative freedom to make whatever he wants. And, with a little help and some time, craft it into a meaningful gift.

Today I’m sharing the process we do, every year, to create a meaningful gift for Max’s grandmothers (and me too, because it’s Mother’s Day, after all).

Gifting Original Kid’s Art for Mother’s Day

Honestly, no one appreciates the silly, strange, and magical creations that kids make more than their moms and grandmothers. With few exceptions, anything that a child makes is precious, but especially when they make it with mom or grandmother in mind.

So, keeping in mind that they’re kids and not little artists, here are some tips for letting your little kids make whatever messy creation they want, then turning that magically into something pretty.

Mother's Day Last Minute Easy DIY Art Work


Step 1: Give them Paint

Typically I get choosy with the colors and select only the few colors that I know will look okay mixed together. Sometimes that means blue/green/yellow and sometimes that means pink/red/brown.

Once we pick the paints, I lay out 5 – 8 pieces of paper. Believe me, a lot of it will be a disaster, ESPECIALLY if your kid is a wild two year old with a knack for painting anything but the paper.

Don’t worry, friend, we have a solution. Tack the paper down with masking tape until the surface is covered, and a little overlap between the pages. Change into clothes that can be stained. Tack on an apron, if you can. Then give them the brush and stand by with a wet cloth to wipe up the excess.

Mother's Day DIY Painting

Step 2: Let it Dry

We never do our projects all in one day. Usually the painting occurs sometimes weeks before Mother’s Day, sometimes months. I like to keep a collection of Max’s paintings in a folder, or a pile, or sometimes even hung on the wall. Because every year Mother’s Day sneaks up on me like some kind unexpected surprise. Every year.

Mother's Day DIY Painting

Step 3: Add Some Flair

Depending on what the original creation looks most like, you’ll want to pick stickers and embellishments that bring it closer to a theme. In this case, the brown and pink disaster of a 2-yr old painting reminded me of a garden. I selected some pink flowers and little scrapbook embellishments that could be used to follow the theme.

And, again, gave Max the glue while I waited with a wet cloth in hand.

Mother's Day DIY Painting Mother's Day DIY Painting

He had a great time adding the flowers. And I think that’s what I love most about this process. The fact that the art isn’t a single create-and-ditch project.

It’s something that evolves.

And, because of that, it has more meaning. More time invested. More love and value.

Step 4: Add a Poem

There are A LOT of poems about moms and motherhood. I tend to do a google search of “kids mothers day project” or something similar. Sift through and find something you like. The one I used this year was I Will Love You Forever (click that link to download and print the poem).

Mother's Day DIY Painting

And there you have it, friends. Buy a bouquet of flowers and you’re set. Done. Easy. And special.