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That’s so Daily | A Week in the Life Themed Prompt for #HashtagThisWeek

Week in the Life 2016 | Count me in. Thoughts on documenting everyday moments by Julie Love Gagen

I love the boring parts of our lives. I do. Boring is regular. Boring is typical. Boring is expected, unoriginal, and plain. Boring is also routine, daily, and common. It is not dramatic. Or stressful. Or difficult. It is unsurprising. And it is easy. And I love that.

No matter what your life is, right now, in this moment – it has an element of boring. And that boring, that daily stuff, is so typical for you right now.

And that’s what makes it so special.

Because boring for you 5 years ago was SO DIFFERENT from what boring is for you right now. It’s different this year, compared to last. It’s different this month, compared to the next.

Life is always in transition. That much we know. Because even when your job, your routines, your favorite things appear to be consistently the same, something around you, some aspect of your life is changing.

Every day | Every day Max starts and ends here, at this table, playing puzzles, or cars, or trains, or playdough. Every day he's imagining and creating stories here. Every day he's working through big ideas here. Every day he is learning here. And every day I get to watch it all unfold, right here. | This week I'm over at @turquoiseavenue for #hashtagthisweek and the theme is That's SO Daily. I chose this theme because it's something I truly love capturing. I also chose this theme in celebration of @aliedwardsdesigninc #weekinthelife. Capturing everyday moments is something I'm truly passionate about, so expect to see a lot of everyday moments here, in this feed, all week. Happy documenting, friends! #projectlife #scrapbooking #documentlife #photographytips #witl2016 #documentyourdays

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And if it’s not you, directly, it’s the world around you. It’s technology. It’s friendships. It’s your relationship with yourself. It’s the apps you use. It’s the way you spend your time. It’s the garden your growing this year, that is different from the one that you planted last year.

Life with littles is a constant shift of normal. It is precious. And once it changes, it will never go back to where it was before. It is forever moving forward. Shifting. Changing.

And it’s wonderful.

Documenting a Week in the Life

Today I have the privilege of being featured over on the Turqoise Avenue Hashtag This Week. I approached Mandy with this pitch last month, in anticipation of this year’s Week in the Life with Ali Edwards. Why? Because I love this project. Truly. And I could not wait to get started on some aspect of prepping for it.

As I thought about my past Week in the Life projects, my favorite pieces of those albums, and the stories that I love to share, I realized something: the thing I like most about this project is how it highlights how different our lives are each year. I love the little changes. The changes to our house, to our routines, to the things we do for fun.

Life is constantly evolving. It evolves with you. And this project truly captures that.

Week in the Life 2016 | Count me in. Thoughts on documenting everyday moments by Julie Love Gagen


>> Also, this project starts TODAY! So if you haven’t had a chance yet, head on over to Ali’s site to see what she has to say about Week in the Life. I’ll be sharing more on this year’s project starting tomorrow, and sharing pages every day. Stay tuned!! <<


So the Hashtag this week is “daily.” Daily is meant to represent the boring, the typical, and the everyday things that shape what our lives are right now. It is about putting into practice the true art, and interest, and essence of who we are and what we do right now.

Recently I shared a post on how I got started documenting everyday life (with photos and words). As with everything else, finding the words to describe everyday life is truly a practice. And it’s worth it.

If you’re stuck, or you’re in search of some version of perfect, check out this post on why I think it’s important to be in the practice of documenting everyday life – even (or especially) the messy stuff.


Every day this week, you can find more stories of “every day” on Instagram @julieloveg. I hope it inspires you to tell your own every day stories as well.


Happy documenting, friend!