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Week in the Life 2016 | Sunday

Week in the Life 2016 | Count Me In by Julie Love Gagen

So I’m just getting set up with the templates, cards, digital papers and stamps that I’m planning to use for Week in the Life™ this year, but I wanted to share my first three pages while I’m still working through my process.

Which, as you can imagine, takes time. 🙂

But I will share this: once you have your templates set, and you have a process for editing, accomplishing a project of this size is honestly WAY easier than you think. It’s all about getting down your techniques, picking some colors and themes, and incorporating it into your album.

And working with stamps, colors, and photo editing in Photoshop this year has been SO MUCH FUN already.

My Favorite Story from Today

Every day this week, as part of my feature from Mandy’s That’s SO Daily #HashtagThisWeek, I’m sharing a favorite story from the day. I chose this theme because it’s something I truly love capturing.

You can follow along on Instagram @julieloveg and read along here on the blog. Here is Sunday’s Photo + Story.

Week in the Life 2016 | Sunday Photo + Words by Julie Love Gagen

Every day | Every day Max starts and ends here, at this table, playing puzzles, or cars, or trains, or play dough. Every day he’s imagining and creating stories here. Every day he’s working through big ideas here. Every day he is learning here. And every day I get to watch it all unfold, right here.

Sunday Pages

Week in the Life 2016 | Sunday Digital Pages by Julie Love Gagen Week in the Life 2016 | Sunday Digital Pages by Julie Love Gagen Week in the Life 2016 | Sunday Digital Pages by Julie Love Gagen

About this Project

Week in the Life™ is a free annual documentation project lead by Ali Edwards to help you document your everyday life. It’s about capturing your regular moments. Or what is regular right now. It’s about getting all of those little things that, years from now, will seem anything but regular. It’s a point of reference. And it’s a lot of fun.

To see all of my posts on this project click here. To see a summary of all of my final albums, read this post. For tips on how I do this project, read here.

You can also get more tips from me on Instagram (@julieloveg), where I’ll be sharing That’s SO Daily photos and stories, and twitter (@juliegagen).

Supplies Used


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pages. Thanks for following along!!





  1. Lori M says

    Love the <> background! I know that is one of the stamps from last years WITL kit but how did you get it to make a background? Is there a trick or have I missed it somewhere?

    • Lori M says

      Oops look like it didn’t like that…”the story of today” background is what I mean.

  2. Julie says

    Great question, Lori!! I’m in love with digital stamps lately and this is just another example of that. So I made the background using Ali’s digital stamps from week in the life 2015. I changed the color of the stamp to gray, then repeated it, first in a line, then duplicated the line, then duplicated the duplicates. You get the idea. Until there was enough to fill a paper. Then I just placed it on the page and, just like that, done!

    I love the outcome SO so much. You’ll probably see me do it again about 500 more times this week. 😉

  3. Lori M says

    I had a feeling that might have been what you did, just wanted to double check since you had it so nicely spaced and with the offset pattern…. Gorgeous! Can’t wait for what you have the rest of the week.

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