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This week I’m sharing two spreads from our short trip to Disney. I didn’t take a lot of photos this trip, and that was partly because I wasn’t feeling well (okay, let’s face it, I was surprised that I even made it there), and partly because it was such a short trip, I truly wanted to just be a part of the experience. To revel in the moment.

After all, let’s face it, for most of us, we’re lucky if we get there just once. And while we hope to go back again someday, it’s not in our near future. It’s not in our annual plan. It’s not even on our radar as a possibility, like ever.

So capturing this experience meant a lot to me, but the act of being a part of it, the essence of the trip, the smiles on the boys faces, their favorite things, their most memorable memories, was far more important than getting the same photo on each and every ride.

So I set aside my DSLR and opted for my iPhone, capturing moments as they came, and not sweating the loss of the perfectly posed photographs.

Also, just an aside, if you have ever adventured with your kids to a theme park, you know that you must remain constantly aware of the impending possibility of someone being unexpectedly hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, grumpy, cheerful, and everything in between. Because the second that switch changes, you’ve hit meltdown city and your whole day is a wash.

Thankfully, we had an amazing day… after, of course, the after-breakfast meltdown, because breakfast itself wasn’t filling enough.

Note to parents: Always, ALWAYS over-stuff them on breakfast and lunch when you’re adventuring. Give them 3 breakfasts if you have to. Stuff them with their favorite pancakes, muffins, and cereals. Pack leftover pancakes for the drive. Bring fruit to balance out all of those carbs. On park adventure days, parents, you literally cannot feed the kids enough food. So stuff them. Fill their bellies. You won’t regret it.

Disney Weekend Spreads

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