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Wishing you a smooth and productive week. Let it be easy. Let it all get done.

Wishing for a smooth but productive week. Let it be easy. Let it all get done. | Julie Love Gagen

Hi, friends!

So A LOT of changes are happening around here. And I CANNOT WAIT to share them. But making them happen takes a lot of work. A lot of diligence. A lot of patience. A lot of energy.

And, right now, it’s exhausting.

In THE BEST way.

But exhausting nonetheless.


 Dear Entrepreneur, a letter to you on launch week | Julie Love Gagen
Slow Monday morning.

So I’m starting my Monday morning really really slow. And rather than diving into the sea of never-ending work, I’m writing here. And sharing my experience. And feeling out the pace of this week. I’m breathing in the oils in my diffuser. And I’m drinking my coffee slowly.

You see, I’m already dreading Friday. Ending the week with a long meeting is not exactly my way of rounding out the last days before launch (Yoga for YOUR Life launches June 1st!!). But it must be done. And it’s happening whether I want it to or not.

So I’m being kind to myself.

I’m moving slowly. Even though every fiber of my being wants to move a million miles and hour, embrace the excitement and energy of the launch, build all of the tools and resources I’ve been planning for just about ever, and execute an amazing new face to all of my businesses. I know that if I do too much, or go too fast, or sacrifice for the sake of perfection, I’ll be left unsatisfied and too exhausted to be what I need to be, when I need to be it.

I’m holding back.

I’m resisting the temptation to sacrifice my body (sitting at a computer 12-18 hours a day? ouch!), I’m resisting the temptation to sacrifice my energy (there is never enough time. there is never enough to give), and I’m resisting the temptation to sacrifice my emotional well-being (perfection is a myth).

Little Paper Projects Little Summer JOY Album 2015 | Julie Love Gagen

What I need most is peace.

I need peace. Peace of mind. Peace of being. Peace, and the confidence to know that no matter what I do, it is enough. I am enough. And I have body, mind, and emotional needs that are more important than a perfect launch.

Also, there is no such thing as perfect.

Perfect is a myth. Perfect is a myth. Perfect is a myth. It’s a phrase I will repeat a thousand times this week. It is truth. And it is the kind of truth that matters most. The kind that allows me to see everything as a work in progress. Everything as good enough. Everything as best first draft. I know that no matter how much I wish it, or believe it, or want it, that whatever I produce on my own will be changed over time. I know that my first draft is just the beginning. I know that, months from now, I’ll look back at the beginning and think about how basic the beginning was.


Dear Entrepreneur, a letter to you on launch week | Julie Love Gagen

So I’m writing this post, this letter, to myself as a reminder that I am also important. That if I am unkind to myself, or if I push too hard, or if I do too much, it will not serve me. It will not help me get where I want with my business. It will prevent me from being the best version of me. And the benefit to owning my business, to owning my launch, to owning my story, is that I get to choose how it’s written, how it’s made, how it’s produced.

I’m owning my story today. I’m owning it in the way that allows me to recognize that, after days of staying up too late to “finish” my latest thing, I might need a nap today. I’m owning that I might not get as much done. I’m owning that I might stumble. I might get lost. I might make an SFD that no one likes (shitty first draft, it’s a line from Rising Strong).

And that’s completely okay.

It’s all okay.

Because it’s my story. It’s my first draft. And it’s going to be whatever it is in this moment. And there is always, always room for revision.


So own your story today, friend. Own your crappy Monday. Own your slow, stressful week. Own your shitty first draft. And be kind to yourself. Life is in constant motion. Nothing is permanent. And there is always, always tomorrow.