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Mother's Day DIY Painting

Gifting Original Kid’s Art for Mother’s Day

Every year Max gives his meme original artwork for Mother’s Day. It’s a simple gift that seems like nothing. But I love giving it. I love making it. I love seeing how happy it makes Max to give it, and meme to receive it. Honestly, I just love kid’s art. I love watching their little fingers make sense of paint, paper, and glue. I love seeing how it progresses over time. I love having an annual opportunity to give it to the adults that our kids love so much. So I give Max creative freedom to make whatever he wants. And, with a little help and some time, craft it into a meaningful gift. Today I’m sharing the process we do, every year, to create a meaningful gift for Max’s grandmothers (and me too, because it’s Mother’s Day, after all). Gifting Original Kid’s Art for Mother’s Day Honestly, no one appreciates the silly, strange, and magical creations that kids make more than their moms and grandmothers. With few exceptions, anything that a child makes is …

#1 The number one gift every photo loving mom, grandma, aunt, friend, associate, girl boss wants this year: an archival quality, affordable printer for home + home office | How I Sustain Blog

The Best Gift for Memory Keepers This Holiday Season

I know. You’ve probably seen a ton of posts exactly like this one. But this isn’t a marketing scheme, or a blog traffic driver, or even paid (though it should be!), or really anything other than an answer to a question someone left on Instagram the other day. You see, as memory keepers – scrapbookers, moms, busy people, whoever you are – there are few things more annoying than ordering photos. Seriously. I’m not kidding. For example. The other day our mom’s group gave us ONE day’s notice that they needed a photo of us with our kids as part of their way of being just a little more secure when the kids get picked up after our meetings. One day. Considering it was already dark out and I knew the picture would be total crap if I took it at night, and considering we were leaving for the meeting at 9:00 the next morning, and considering who has time for this, seriously! I was thankful to have the option to hustle quickly and make …

Moms, keep your sanity with this last-minute Kids Craft: DIY Scrap Paper Thanksgiving Turkey | How I Sustain Blog

Last Minute Craft: DIY Scrap Paper Turkey

We LOVE crafts in this house. That’s right, friends, these two rough-and-tumble boys love running and deconstructing and playing with cars and making messes.. but the second they see a glue stick, they are fully focused on using that glue stick on paper. RIGHT NOW. This week I promised Cal – MANY many times – that we would make a Thanksgiving craft to decorate our door. And when he asked for the 11th time (in 3 days) I finally said “yes” and we scrambled to gather the supplies to make it quickly before school. This PDF is what I came up with. It’s a fantastic way to use up scrap paper, old stacks of newspaper, old magazines. Honestly – anything you have on hand, cut it out, and give it to the kids. Imperfection is what makes this unique. Honestly, it’s going to look crazy anyway, so you might as well have fun with it! What you need: 1 glue stick per child Child safety scissors if they’re old enough to cut out paper Scissors …

Love Where You Live by Little Paper Projects | Blog Badge + IG Share

The Course is LIVE! Hooray the course is live!!

Honestly, friends, this post is as much about the woes of being a creative entrepreneur as it is a celebration of our first PAID class at Little Paper Projects. The class is called Love Where You Live. It’s a celebration of life and home, driven by photo prompts and inspiration to share stories. It’s a beautiful meditation on what home means. It’s a piece of work I am proud of. But, man, it was SUCH a project to get here. There is, of course, the content. There is the contributor team. There is the prompts, the example project (still in the works), the website copy, the photography, the graphics, the communication with the contributor team, the formatting, the branding package, the list-making, the communication with my awesome business partner Jen and our friend Mandy, who’s helping us with the scheduling right now. And then, of course, there is the absolutely bear of a task of developing the website to support it all. Man, that last one almost set me over the edge. (Though, if I’m …

#LittleSummerJOY Project

How I’m Finding My Joy This Summer

I love memory keeping. LOVE IT. But I recognize that this is a niche that not everyone cares about. I do recognize that. The thing is, that there is a lot of awesome that comes from being self-reflective and considering yourself, your life, and your roles as a parent, professional, sister, daughter, aunt, friend. It’s an opportunity to grow. To learn about yourself. To realize it’s all okay. And to love your life and who you are. It’s good for your soul. Really, really good. But with yoga teacher training coming up, and with the chaos of having two boys on school vacation, and all of the traveling that comes with summer, I knew there was no way I could take on an entire scrapbook album. Just no way. And I got sad about that. I love making albums. They’re so pretty and fun. And I have all these supplies. And I have all these Instagram followers . And I want to keep doing the memory keeping thing, even if it’s not a pocket-page Project-Life …

Friday Photo + Words Embrace Adventure

Friday Photo + Words: Embrace Adventure

Every Friday I share a photo and a story. A lighter touch. An easier read for the end of the week. Friday Photo + Words is my best way to end the work week. — So here it is: Friday Photo + Words. You may remember that I set this crazy goal for myself back in January to walk every day in 2015. And, man, I picked QUITE a year to start this daily habit! But it’s June now, and the weather is perfect, and walking every day has become a habit I am completely in love with. We walk after lunch. It’s our way to end what is usually a really chaotic, adventurous morning (as life with this active toddler boy always is!), and start my favorite part of the day: naptime (moms, you know what I’m talking about!). Lately, though, our naptimes have decreased. And our walks have, subsequently, increased. It’s quite a racket to get everyone organized. There is me, Max, and the two dogs. There is a stroller. An iPhone. Keys. …

Everyday Photography tips for capturing your summer vacation | #EveryDayPhotoTips

Capturing Summer: Photo Tips for Everyday Photography

This week I was invited to participate in another Instagram takeover for The Blog Life. You may remember the post on “My Imaginary Perfect Day” last month, where I shared the photos and the stories – and photos – of a perfect day in the life (you know, the kind that never happen).   My theme this month was about capturing the best moments of summer and the apps and resources I use to get the most out of my summer photos. It’s a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. You may remember my #100HappyDays series from last year. Every 10 days, for 100 days, I posted a selection of photos from our summer wanderings. It wasn’t a perfect daily photo project, but looking back on the selection of captures and reading the short captions brings me joy. And I want that again this year. I’m not sure what this year’s project will look like. There are a few things I’m waiting to fall into place before I commit to something. In the …

My imaginary perfect day in Bloggin | How I Sustain Blog

My Imaginary Perfect Day

Hi Friends! Social media is wonderful in so many ways. Social media is unfortunate in so many ways. Today I’m guest instagramming at The Blog Life and, as a play off the idea of social media, curated lifestyle photos, and authenticity, I chose the theme “my imaginary perfect day”. I wanted a theme as a way to guide the choice photos I shared there, but as I selected the photos and started to piece it together, I also saw this as a  really fun potential memory keeping project. So maybe you’ll see more of that soon. My Imaginary Perfect Day   What would you do on your imaginary perfect day of work and parenting?   xoxo, Julie  

My Selfie Scrapbook Intro Box

Personal Growth Through iPhoneography – Just Start #MySelfieScrapbook Friday Bloghop

This post is part of the #MySelfieScrapbook collaborative project, co-sponsored by Jen Lake of Sunlight and Air Blog and four talented memory keeping product designers: Kellie Stamps, Record Life Blog, Color Cast Designs, and Polka Dot Creative. For more on this project, check out the initial post here, the list of suggested supplies, and the first prompt. Blog hops take place on Fridays here and on the other blogs through May 15th. If you want to join in, tag your post #myselfiescrapbook photos on Instagram. You can find all of my posts here. — Heyyy – it’s a BlogHop! Well, friends, #MySelfieScrapbook has been up for about a week and we’re having SO MUCH FUN! If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the Instagram feed under that hashtag. It’s filled with pictures of hands, feet, things we carry, favorite shirts and smiles. And it’s a slice of wonderful. If you’re not yet participating, but you want to, catch up with these posts on Jen’s blog: Introduction Suggested Supplies Theme 1: Just Start On …

The kids don't care about my Pinterest Party | How I Sustain blog

Friday Photo & Words: The Kids Don’t Care about My Pinterest Party

Every Friday I share a photo and a story. A lighter touch. An easier read for the end of the week. Friday Photo + Words is my best way to end the work week. — This week was special: it was St. Patrick’s Day. And, in our little corner of the world, that’s a big deal. So, like any good Pinterest-loving mom in the Boston area, I celebrated the holiday with a mix of carefully procured decorations, festive food, and a unique party display – all inspired by Pinterest. When the boys discovered the display, they proclaimed “this is wonderful! I love it! Thank you for the time you took to carefully craft a wonderful party for us on this important day” and they ate their naturally dyed spinach-colored pancakes with delight, admiring my clover-leaf decorations and the rainbow fruit display while joyfully joking about leprechauns, luck, and hidden gold. Just kidding. They hated it. So here’s what actually happened: I prepped them all morning about St. Patrick’s day and how fun it is. They …