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Back at my blog, and life | Julie of How I

Back at it

Well, friends, I’m back. Back from my summer break. Back from yoga teacher training. Back at this blog. And ready to start something new. Or – more likely – lots of new things. And I can’t wait to share! Seriously, I missed this space. But when it came down to it, teacher training was all-consuming, and exhausting, in the best possible way. Expect to see it come out through stories, through words, through a change in how I use this space. I have this clarity of mind that could only come from fully checking out of daily life, breathing, and doing good things for my body + mind. And I’m going to share all of my secrets here. So stay tuned. What I’ve been up to Besides yoga teacher training, I’ve been dedicating my spare time to my passion project: Little Paper Projects and our Little Summer JOY Project. And I’ve posted quite a bit over there. You can see my gorgeous traveler’s notebook project and my 4×6 book over on the LPP Blog. Also, …

Minimize Your Desktop - Challenge #2: Inventory Storage

Minimize Your Desktop – Challenge #2: Inventory Storage

This post miniseries on Cleaning Your Desktop is part of my project #minimize: the the project where I get rid of all the things. It’s an awesome project. And it comes from a deep-rooted place in my soul – which is why you should check back on Thursdays to see all of the small yet awesome ways you can downsize clutter and live like a minimalist. If you want to know more about why I’m doing this project, read the first post. — I have this thing with storage: I like to have it. A lot of it. Probably because I have a thing for keeping too many things. And that tendency towards curating my own clutter is not just in my physical space, but also in my digital space. It’s time to change that. There are these rules that I use to make decisions on de-cluttering. First, only keep what you need. Second, everything needs a home. And third, leave extra space. In order for me to take on this major desktop organization project, …

Minimize Your Desktop Clutter: Challenge Number 1 - First, Clean your Desk

Minimize Your Desktop – Challenge #1: First, Clean your Desk

This post miniseries on Cleaning Your Desktop is part of my project #minimize: the the project where I get rid of all the things. It’s an awesome project. And it comes from a deep-rooted place in my soul – which is why you should check back on Thursdays to see all of the small yet awesome ways you can downsize clutter and live like a minimalist. If you want to know more about why I’m doing this project, read the first post. — Well, friends, it’s here: the first #minimize post on Cleaning up your Desktop. When I started to craft this series I found myself stuck and a little frustrated with where to start. I knew what I wanted to write, I knew how I wanted it to go, and I even have some fun downloads coming. So what was the problem? I wracked my brain to figure it out. And, as I sat at my desk, pen in hand, blank paper awaiting ideas, it finally hit me: How am I supposed to work …

How I Sustain Blog is getting an upgrade! Coming soon.

Coming Soon!

Hi Friends! Here it is, Monday, and I owe you a few things. But first, let me start with what’s been happening on the back end here on How I Sustain blog. As you can probably guess, managing a blog takes a certain level of effort – some of which you see as a reader, and some of which you don’t. In the last few weeks I’ve been working hard on converting this website to a more flexible platform. It takes a lot of work, A LOT of more than it should have, but it’s absolutely the direction I need to work towards in order to expand this space into something that offers more of the best stuff I can make. So, what does that mean for you? It means lots of awesome. The site will basically look the same, with a few tweaks that you’ll probably appreciate. The linking will be the same (or at least it should be). And all of the mapping should stay the same, with the exception of some Pinterest …

The post where I crush on readers because you're awesome

The Post Where I Crush on How I Sustain Readers & Subscribers

This month I reached out to some of you to ask – why do you read How I Sustain blog? And, you know, I was surprised by the answer. It’s about YOU. Want to hear more? Believe me, you do.

Ladies, every single one of you that I have met personally or interacted with online falls into a single category – a “type”. You’re the type of lady that is like “ugh, I’m not a type!” Bear with me. You’re educated. You’re motivated. You have a lot figured out and you want to learn more. You’re (mostly) optimistic. And I have a crap-load of respect for you (yes, I am talking to you!).

I had a brief independent review done on How I Sustain blog this week. There were two pieces of critique: (1) she loved the layout, design, and pictures, and (2) she had no idea what my blog was about.

My first thought was – oh, crap, she totally called me out.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago – the last time I updated my about page – that I was working on further defining what I share in this space. And I pretty much have that down now. But the part I missed – and this is a big part – is who I’m sharing that with.

So I talked/emailed with a few of you, and now I get it. I have a lot of smart, motivated, interesting female readers – a lot of whom do not tweet, Pinterest, or Instagram. And that’s completely cool. Because I’m getting a better handle on how to connect with more smart, motivated, and interesting women (REFER THEM HERE!). It starts by telling you that I am, in fact, talking to you:

About How I Sustain Blog

Yesterday I updated the “About” Page on the blog. I think you’ll agree, 2015 is going to be a great year on How I Sustain! — I have a history of over-working myself into a state of imbalance. And I managed to comfortably live that way while being an avid volunteer, an enthusiastic crafter, a hard-working scientist, and reliable consultant because – at the end of the day – I was the only one I had to take care of. And if I worked too hard, or didn’t sleep enough, or ate bad food, or spent too much, that was fine – because I could take a sick day, promise to exercise more, eat a little healthier, and save more next month. And that was enough to get me back to my best self. But when I became a parent, everything changed. Balancing a newborn, a career, and an active volunteer schedule, I didn’t have time to recover from working too hard. I didn’t have time to get to the gym. And I didn’t have …

Blog in Progress: New Content Mapping this Week!

It feels good to be on the other side of this major blog update. There are still more things to come in the following weeks – continued updates to past content, new featured content, and improved navigation features. But right now it feels good to say – enough for now. This past week I finished outlining most of the content for January and most of the features for the year. It feels good to have things planned out. It feels even better to know that I have a way to manage content from idea to concept to format to delivery, not just for my sake – but because it makes for an easier reading experience. What You’ll Notice If you take a look at the side bar on the right of each page (except the front landing page), you’ll see that there are pictures & words associated with post series and ongoing projects. In general, this sidebar will be used to highlight the projects I’m featuring each month – or each quarter – along with …

Blog in Progress: Check out the New Site!

I am SO excited about this week’s update. It was a lot of work – but the new site layout and home page is absolutely beautiful. You have to check it out here: And read the full post to learn more about how awesome this new site truly is. This week I upgraded the site from a standard blog format to a magazine-style landing page. It’s much better suited for the variety of topics I discuss on How I Sustain and I think it will not only improve your visual experience, it will also make it easier to follow the topics that you like best. On the home page you’ll see the new front page with an updated logo and featured content. Scroll through the side arrows to see featured posts which will be periodically updated based on my current and ongoing projects. You’ll also notice the category content has been streamlined to make it easier to find subject-based posts. Important Note: The pink arrows point to three key areas of new site navigation: …

Blog in Progress: Updates this Week

Each week, typically on Sunday, I’ll update you on the back-end work I’m doing to improve How I Sustain blog. Today’s post is coming to you on Monday because Max and I had an all-night no-sleep-a-thon on Saturday night. It reminded me of his newborn months and how incredibly thankful I am to be where we are right now. Last week was big here on How I Sustain. I updated the categories, sub-categories, and tags to better suit each aspect of personal, social, and environmental sustainability that I discuss here, clarifying the spaces that have the most content and the spaces where there is so much more to talk about. If you’re reading this on a mobile device or blog reader, take a moment to click through the categories on and check out new banner! As part of that effort, I went through every post and refined the tags, categories, and sub-categories with the new tagging structure. So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, and why I haven’t posted much this last …

Blog-WIP (Work in Progress): Updates to How I Sustain Blog

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you visit my site regularly, you may have noticed some changes. I promise, it’s a good thing. I’m re-organizing, re-branding, and re-focusing my content to enhance the How I Sustain experience and be an even better blog for you to read. What does that mean for you? Right now, not much. Maybe decreased posting while I work through some themes, maybe archived posts from my previous blogs (if you’re on my email list), probably better, more focused content that will entertain and inspire you. So sit back, bear with me, and let’s see where this takes us. 😉 Julie Ways to follow this blog Read HowISustain on Feedly blog reader Read HowISustain on Bloglovin See my daily posts on Instagram Follow curated pins on Pinterest Follow my tweets on Twitter Subscribe in the upper right toolbar for immediate, daily, or weekly emails Follow me on WordPress …and thanks!