Getting Started with Essential Oils

So you’ve seen and heard and LOVE everything you’ve heard about essential oils. You’re ready to get going.

You just have no idea where to start.

Hooray! You’ve found the right place.

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But first, the backstory.

I’ll admit: when I first heard about essential oils, it took A LOT of convincing to get me to try them. I’m not an early adopter and, truly, very skeptical about anything that people get really excited about.

In fact, whenever people rave about something, I tend to resist out of protest.

And every time I do that, I resist hardest right before I give in. I tell myself all sorts of weird stories, like: “I don’t need that”, “It won’t work for me”, and “I’m not doing it just because everyone else is.”

And, at some point, I give in.

“FINE!!” I say.

And I try it.

And I’m immediately won over. Because, in fact, whenever people rave about something, it’s usually because they genuinely like it. Because they genuinely want to share it. Because they genuinely think it’s a great product.

Kind of like the iPhone.

Which I absolutely love.

Getting Started with Essentail Oils How I Sustain Blog

Step 1: Get the Kit.

You can research just about anything until you’re so overloaded with information that you don’t even remember what you were looking for in the first place. Truly, it’s the power and the curse of the internet.

But the truth is, HOW you use essential oils and WHY you use them and WHAT you use them for completely depends on your lifestyle, interests, and your openness to try them.

If you want my advice? Just get the kit.

Buy the Starter Kit   

Step 2: Use the Diffuser.

Truly, the benefit of buying a starter kit is the wide variety of sample size oils, but if you had to ask me? It’s the diffuser.

I mean, who doesn’t want their office to smell like the comforting cent of lavendar, lemon, or Joy?

It’s a wonderful thing.

And, truly, if all you do is buy the starter kit and diffuse a couple drops of your favorite scents, not only will you have a beautifully scented home, you’ll also have the added side bonus of the benefits of pure extracts, like a lightened mood, healthier living space, and maybe even boosted immunity.

It’s better than a candle, friends.

(Seriously, this is me trying to market something: “Buy essential oils! Why? …. because it’s better than a candle?”)

Getting Started with Essentail Oils - Where to Start, What to use them for | How I Sustain Blog

Step 3: When Something Comes up, Research it

There are SO many groups out there that talk essential oils. There is also THOUSANDS of articles, images, blog posts, on every social media platform raving about what every random essential oil does to solve all of life’s problems.

I’ll share a quick success story of mine.

Max (my 3-yr old) had developed a dry-skin rash ALL OVER his face the very week we were supposed to take our annual holiday photos. Being the kind of parent that believes in the wisdom of my parents (and in-laws), I asked for advice. Our daycare provider – and friends and family – all suggested Vaseline (a petroleum product, btw).

I was truly skeptical. Petroleum on my kid’s face? Next to his mouth?

But I tried it.

And it made it A THOUSAND TIMES worse.


So I turned to the wisdom of the naturalist hippies that convinced me to buy essential oils.

And you know what they said?

A little carrier oil, couple drops of lavender and frankincense.

And you know what?


This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. When you have kids, weird things come up. You need to solve them as quick as possible. Essential oils can help A LOT. Especially when it comes to keeping immunity up in the winter.

Convinced yet?

Buy the Starter Kit   

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I hope you love them as much as I do!




Getting Started with Essentail Oils - Where to Start, What to use them for | How I Sustain Blog